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zilla tropical kit

My son has a small ball python and it was absolutely perfect. I changed the green mat for another bottom but the spider loves it so nothing went to waste!
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By Zilla on Oct 6, 2019
Get your tropical buddies off to a great start with the Zilla Tropical Reptile Terrarium Starter Kit with Light and Heat. This complete kit comes with a 10-gallon, USA-made screened glass enclosure and must-have essentials to raise juvenile tropical-dwelling reptiles and amphibians like frogs, geckos, snakes and more. It includes a blue daytime bulb for healthy basking and a heated mat that keeps your pal comfy and warm the whole day. Thanks to the odor-fighting carpet substrate that’s non-abrasive and non-edible, it’s easy to clean and add other décor items or bowls. Plus, it includes a humidity and temperature gauge to help you maintain an ideal environment for your tropical pal.
The kit was a great value BUT I had yo put something heavy on top since the mesh is a bit loose.
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Reflective Dome, Day Blue Incandescent Bulb, Screen Cover, Humidity/Temperature Gauge, Heat Mat, Green Terrarium Liner, and Setup Guide.
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