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your order has arrived

Items not arriving All this assumes that your order has arrived in the first place.
Goods take ages to get to Iraq; so far, only about half of what has been ordered has arrived (see chart).
That new global order has arrived , and there is precious little Clinton or McCain or Obama could do to resist its growth.
Call you customers and let them know that their makeup order has arrived and find out when it will be possible to deliver it to them.
On a recent afternoon, Mr. Henderson was making sure the Show Place ice cream order had arrived ; his wife, Jane, was in the box office; Mr. Steiner was with the piano tuner; Gail Steiner was on the phone discussing a coming production and blowing up balloons for the “Meet Me in Saint Louis” finale.
Valencia were 3-0 up against the league champions and heading to the top of the table, if only for a couple of hours, and the pages were already being written: “Goodbye to the years of sadness”, “A new order has arrived “, “The great Valencia has returned”, “Valencia are back”, “This really could be the year of the resurrection”.
On dozens of subReddits, every mistake by a major news organization was proof that the new order had arrived .
In parallel to the execution of packets in this order, the other packets waiting specially for having different deadlines are kept waiting in the queue to be served until their respective deadline order has arrived .
Others had been sent emails advising them that orders had arrived in store for collection only to turn up in store and find they had not.
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