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wrecking ball strain

Wrecking ball strain
As Johnny N. explains, he’s “an old school guy” who had some great old school strains at the time, including elite clone-only cuts of OG Kush and Blue Dream “that were truly impressive.” So, he decided that crossing these genetics with his prized Pre-98 Bubba Kush OG “just had to be done” and ended up with about 200 seeds. One in particular had a truly special effect for Johnny N.
Tahquitz OG brings a warm, creative effect that kicks off with a strong, immediate headrush. The usual response that comes after trying it for the first time is “Wow, that Tahquitz is strong!” The effect is described (for most) as versatile, effective, relaxing, and focused–perfect for “getting in the zone.”
Dark Heart is pleased to announce a very special new strain from the San Jacinto mountains: Tahquitz OG!
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Tahquitz OG has a complex nose that’s described as a sweet, gummy smell that’s loud and reminiscent of a chemmy, cleaner fluid smell. There are also earthy whiffs of fruit (BD’s blueberry and OGK’s kush scent) with a slight coffee finish on the tail, courtesy of the P98. It’s a truly unique terp profile that will keep you cracking your jars open for one last whiff.
Here’s what each of the three parents bring to the Tahquitz table:
This strain thrives indoors and outdoors. It has a classic Christmas tree shape, grows without fuss, and yields well.
Tahquitz OG (pronounced TAH-KWITS) is named after a powerful shaman that was banished from the Cahuilla Indian tribe, a Native American group from the desert. The legend goes that Mukat, creator of all things, created Tahquitz as the first and most powerful shaman to do good for humanity. Over time, Tahquitz misbehaved more and more, until finally he was banished from the tribe.

  • Pre-98 Bubba Kush: Known as “P98” here at Dark Heart, the ever-potent Pre-98 Bubba Kush OG is a wrecking ball for stress and brings coffee and chocolate notes.
  • Blue Dream: BD, The #1 Strain Across all Generations (according to Headset) provides a bright, focused haze effect with blueberry taste. It’s also the heaviest yielding parent which adds weight to Tahquitz OG.
  • OG Kush: The legendary OGK brings the classic, always-loved kush effect—a pleasant mind expansion and full-body buzz.

New Strain: Tahquitz OG Try this hot new strain bred by Elev8 Seeds! Dark Heart is pleased to announce a very special new strain from the San Jacinto mountains: Tahquitz OG! This