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witches weed strain

Witches weed strain

One of Witches Weed’s immediate predecessors is Cinderella 99, or C99, a combination of Princess and Princess 94 (P94). The strain P94 was arrived at by crossing phenotype after phenotype of Princess back into each successive generation and using Shiva Skunk and Cinderella 88 to stabilize and develop the most desired genetic attributes.

For instance, the sativa-dominant Witches Weed is a wicked combination of three well-loved varieties of cannabis, representing Reservoir Seeds’ San Fernando Valley OG Kush and Chemdog D and an excellent specimen of Cinderella 99 grown by Dutchgrown Seeds. It’s not an easy strain to track down, but if you do, it’s bound to put a spell on you.
Is the terpene profile of Witches Weed more like melon? Is it a combination of pineapple, citrus, skunk and gasoline-y, or is it closer to honey, herbs, earth and flowers? With the fruit salad of genetics that the strain is, a range of profiles could be possible depending on how and where the plant grows.

One of the oldest examples of psychotropic drugs meeting magic is the Oracle of Delphi. For centuries, the ancient priestesses of the Greek god Apollo would—while inhaling smoke vapours—divine the future for her visitors.
If you have a hankering for a witch-centric variety, best to prepare for a hunt Yarra Riviera / iStock / Getty Images Plus
Fast forward and today’s witches seem to have so easy in comparison, with altered states being just a cannabis purchase away. That said, if you have a particular hankering for a witch-centric variety, best to hop on that proverbial broom and prepare for a hunt.
Willie’s Reserve claims that Witches Weed is most likely an Amsterdam-bred strain, and describes the effects as blissful, energetic and lucid. The brand owned by folk singer-songwriter Willie Nelson turns Witches Weed into pre-rolls for the U.S. market.
The OG crew of Ocean Grown Seeds has since disbanded. Still, one of their most prolific breeders, Vader OG, created Witches Brew—a strain that smells like the pine-filled forests that witches are said to inhabit—by crossing two of the company’s wine-inspired varieties, Zenfandel OG and Merlot OG. It also produced a variety called Witch Hunt, which is a convoluted mix of genetics from Tahoe OG, SFV OG, Wizards Potion, Zenfandel and Merlot with no Witches Weed.

In Uses and Abuses of Plant-Derived Smoke, an ethnobotanical abstract on the use of smoke around the world, the authors mention the Oracle of Delphi several times, speculating that the burned bay laurel leaves used to induce her trance-like state might have been “laced” with cannabis.

Pointy hats off to a strain that’s a wicked combination of three well-loved cannabis varieties