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wifi cake strain

Once I started going to Sesh’s and scoring some very unique boutique bouquets of flowers I saw that it was time to document in a way I did not in the past and this blog was started.

The nose is dominated by the cakey sweet vanilla buttercream, lemon meringue and toasted almond notes with lighter notes of citrus and fragrant pine needles.
I called one of the firsts clubs to exist in Berkeley on Univeristy Ave and said I would like to become a member. They gave me the phone number to one of the physicians who helped write prop 215 Frank Lucido.

The flavor profile doesn’t disappoint as the inhale has sweeter vanilla undertones with light notes of toasted almond with exhale taking a lighter piney citrusy turn.
The high is so fresh so clean Andre 5000 might rap again for the love of god……
Frank has a small practice near the university and is a real doctor, he isn’t just handing out scripts. He is an old hippie with long hair in a pony tail and the type of guy who gets arrested once a year protesting a good cause on principle.
And during my documentation journey I was able to find a bunch of new favorite growers to add to the list Treehouse, Clout King, Fire Society, The Goonies, and Cannatique.
When I found Jungle Boys 6 years ago I stopped searching. Searching for growers, searching for dispensaries, searching for people who knew what they were doing.

This pretty kinky incestuous back crossing results in pure cakey goodness.

Wifi Cake by the Jungle Boys Shortly after Medical Cannabis was legalized in California I quickly realized there was an amazing resource available to me and I would be a fool not to take