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why grind weed

Why grind weed

But there are obviously many different ways to accomplish the task of breaking down nugs—so why do you grind weed with a grinder?

Of course, people have been smoking pot for millennia without any special apparatus to break it up, so why grind weed with a grinder? Are there other options to try?
The low-tech option is, of course, your hands. Why do people grind weed with a grinder instead? Because if your pot is sticky, you’ll get resin on your hands instead of in your hit. The same is true for getting scissors or other implements sticky. Also, you’ll appreciate the kief that the grinder catches in the bottom chamber of your grinder.

If you’re wondering “Why do people grind weed?” you might also want to know how a grinder is used. Most better-quality metal grinders have a stack of separate chambers that process your herb. The first chamber has rows of sharp teeth on the top and bottom that shred the pot as you twist the grinder. In the base of this top section, between the teeth, is a series of holes. As the grinder is twisted, small pieces of nug fall through the holes and collect in the second chamber. This prevents the pot from getting ground too finely by the sharp teeth. Collect the ground pot from the second chamber.
Grinders are the ubiquitous tool among cannabis consumers. But are they really necessary?
Rolling a joint or packing a bowl of pot that burns evenly and completely is a skill that is to be admired. There’s nothing worse than watching an unburned hit of prime bud disappear down the stem of the bong, or a joint that furiously burns down one side once it has been lit (a.k.a. canoeing). Proper preparation of your smoking material can prevent such problems. So, in case you’ve ever wondered “Why do people grind weed with a grinder?” or why grind weed at all, we compiled this paraphernalia primer.
The base of the second chamber is often a screen that allows cannabinoid-rich trichomes to fall through and collect as kief in the very bottom chamber. Once you’ve ground enough buds in the grinder, you’ll have a nice little supply of kief to punch up a blunt or bowl.
Why do you grind weed in the first place? Shredding and breaking down your flower into small pieces allows for all of the cannabis particles to burn completely as they are smoked. As marijuana burns, it releases cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemicals, allowing them to be ingested through the lungs.

If you are going to roll a joint with your stash, try a little trick. Don’t twist the grinder until all of the weed falls into the second chamber. Instead, mix in some of the partially shredded weed that is still up top. If you include some longer shreds in the rolling paper, it’s a bit easier to grip the pot inside and get a good roll. Why grind weed too finely if it’s not necessary?

Grinders are the ubiquitous tool among cannabis consumers. But are they really necessary?