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white seeds

An immediate hit when it first came out, this plant’s reputation still burns strong. That’s because: for a fast growing, high yielding plant, the effects are just so damn good… An overwhelming experience served on a layer of citrus ‘haze’.

High Yield, Fast Finish… Jacky White is the ultimate performer, a dashing mix of heritage and knowledge. The result? A big harvest sativa that became an instant classic when it was introduced.
Smoke this and you will have a smile for the rest of the day. It is the creative’s choice with rushes of energy and inspiration making it perfect for heightened focus.

funny how you always remember those really great smokes you had , they stay with you all through your life as a kind of yardstick that all others are measured against. .the yardstick in this case is some durban poison, obtained by a freind of a freind from the back streets of soweto sometime in the early 80’s .
ahhh those were they days. well they were for me, used to get some really nice hash back then and everything that came this way was grown outside under the sun. Things have changed a lot since then
theres 2 other times i thought man that was some killer smoke.
some white widow that leveled a room full of musicians. to the point of hysterical insane laughter for hours and some super silver haze that made me wanna write an entire album and a novel at the same time as being in star trek for real . so thats 3 memorable strains in 30 something years of smoking. Jacky white is number 4 a great smoke. Very uplifting. no fatigue, just the way i like it 😉 and the flavour is fantastic. takes me back a few years to when the white strains were all the rage so congrats you guys . you made it on to THE LIST. killer smoke and well worth the years of effort in my humble opinion. Thanks for doing that. (Posted on 8/24/2018)
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We took our time to develop this new school strain. The quest was to breed a plant that combined the greatest characteristics of the greatest plants. It took time – years – to get the strain just the way we wanted it, but the result was worth it. A femme fatale that packs a punch.
The strong sativa genetics of this plant mean that it can climb and those side branches will reach for the space to support its bounty of long and well formed buds. Indoor growers with limited space may look to pruning and bending methods to control the growth; more information is available from our Jacky White grow report. A prinicpla characteristic that appeals to those with indoor set ups is Jacky White’s reputation for stability, meaning consistency with results.
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Jacky White is the best friend of the outdoor gardener, hardy and low maintenance. Give it some space and moderate sunshine and it will reward you with a plant that strikes a fine pose, making it a favorite with sativa aficionados in southern regions of the world.

Champions’ genes have gone into the breeding of this modern classic which generates fast growth, a high yield and energizing, uplifting

White seeds

Since the white seeds delivered by us are of the desired quality, the plants are undoubtedly resistant to marijuana diseases, molds, and extreme weather patterns.

The height gotten from the plants is manageable and ranges anywhere between a meter and two.
These plants grow slightly better in indoor settings as opposed to the outdoor setup. Veteran cannabis growers out there should try their hand and settle for this strain.

However, it is typical to follow the growing guide provided on our site to be assured of efficient growth.
As the first name suggests, these strains are super. Coming into existence involved crossing Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze genetics.
The first thing that should ring into your mind when you opt to buy quality white marijuana seeds is whether they are mature or not.
One of the most common responses from the cultivators of white seeds as to why they find them viable and convenient is the fact that these strains produce substantial amounts of resin packed with skyrocketed Tetrahydrocannabinol levels.
Today, when customers ask to buy medical marijuana seeds from the white seeds category, it’s common to hear them enquire whether Super Silver Haze seeds are in stock

Having mature seeds then prompts you to decide on whether you should plant them in indoor or outdoor settings. Either way, when you buy marijuana plants grown from white seeds, the growth environments don’t have to cause lots of worries.

What are white cannabis seeds? What are the qualities of white seeds? Read our blog to know the answers on these questions and more!