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white fire strain yield

White fire strain yield

Flowering Time: 9 weeks

Climate: White Fire OG generally likes to grow in a slightly warmer climate (70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit) than most strains. This strain grows well outdoors in areas with high summer temperatures.
Indoor/Outdoor: Grows well indoors or outdoors. If growing outdoors, be aware of moisture in the fall season and consider growing in a greenhouse to help protect the plants from mold.

Strain Overview: White Fire OG, also called WiFi OG, is a cross between Fire OG and The White. The White is famous for its heavy resin production while Fire OG is known for both flavor and potency, making these two strains a match made in heaven. The resulting hybrid manages to both energize the mind and calm the body, making White Fire OG a perfect strain for creative activities or relaxing afternoons.
Grow Difficulty: Moderate to hard
Feeding: White Fire OG generally likes a more acidic pH than normal. It will also consume more CalMag and nitrogen than most strains.
Grow Techniques: To maximize the yield of this strain, train the plants with the SCROG (screen of green) method. White Fire OG will stretch while flowering, so be aware of garden space and make sure to prune away lower foliage. If growing outside, give the plants lots of space while topping multiple times during vegging to help the plant develop a bushy shape.
Yield: High

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Learn more about growing the White Fire OG cannabis strain, including its preferred nutrients, growth patterns, and harvest time.

White fire strain yield

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White Fire OG does not only keep users up and about, but it also hogs the spotlight in the medical cannabis field. Primarily, it is due to its psychoactive properties that bring about the most benefits.
Within limits, this strain is excellent for daytime use. At its onset, it brings about an uplifting feeling that enhances the mood. Users often feel not only happy but also ecstatic. In most cases, getting things done is made easier because of the energizing buzz induced by the strain.

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However, some users may end up using more than enough. Granted that there are people who do prefer the extreme effects, beginners may be caught off guard by the intense buzzing high.
White Fire OG has four known phenotypes. Keeping this in mind, then it should not surprise growers to see unidentical plants in a batch. Mostly, the difference is in the shape of its flowers. For instance, the original has a barrel shape while another has a more conical shape. Other subtle differences include its fragrance.
“Don’t play with fire, as it can be dangerous,” the elders usually advise younger children so as not to get in trouble. It’s just that it is fascinating to watch. Take for instance a lit candle. Watching the flame can be mesmerizing, and at times, its dance is almost hypnotic. Enthralling it is, so is the White Fire OG. And remember, beneath its allure lurks a power that unleased can deliver a high-octane high to users.
While its fragrance carries over, a peppery taste accompanies its diesel flavor. A sweet note of pine lingers upon exhaling its smoke.

It uplifts the soul. So, patients who are depressed are relieved by taking a few puffs. The calming effects of this potent strain also alleviate stressed and anxious people.

White Fire OG, noted for its look, smell, and yield, is an offspring of Fire Kush and The White. It is also one that users should not take lightly.