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which ak47 to buy

Which ak47 to buy

So, what’s not to like about an AK-47?

Milled receivers are made by hollowing out a single, solid piece of steel. Originally, all AKs had milled receivers. These are generally a little heavier, and you won’t see rivets on the side, because it was made with a single piece.
We might as well start out with the best. The Arsenal is one of the best AKs available on the market right now, in terms of quality and price.

What is an AK-47?
Before we get into our review of the top AKs on the market, lets talk about some of the factors that you’ll want to keep an eye out for when you are shopping for an AK-47,
Stamped receivers, on the other hand, are made by taking a thinner piece of steel and molding it into the shape of the receiver, then using rivets to add the additional parts. They are much lighter and a lot easier to mass produce – which is why most modern AKs will have stamped receivers.
This buyer’s guide is meant to make it all a little simpler. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about AK-47s, what to look for if you are in the market for one, and give you a detailed review of the 5 best AK-47s in 2020.
What We Hate About Them:

For one, it has a bigger recoil compared to similar rifles, like the AR-15. This isn’t true for every AK on the market, but it is definitely a general stereotype. It’s not like the recoil is going to seriously impact your shooting, but you will notice it.

The 5 Best AK-47s in 2020 AK-47s are one of the most famous assault-style weapons out there – they are also one of the most vastly misunderstood. If you are looking