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where to buy weed in hawaii

To obtain a medical marijuana card in Hawaii, you must have a recommendation from a licensed physician stating that you have one of the qualifying conditions and will benefit from the use of medical marijuana. Once your application has been approved by the Narcotics Enforcement Division (NED), you will receive a medical marijuana card.

Since it is still illegal in the state of Hawaii, you cannot have any recreational marijuana in your possession at any given time.
If and when the current bills do pass, citizens would have to be 21 and older to purchase recreational marijuana.

It is illegal to consume recreational and medical marijuana in public places such as public transportation, parks, concerts, federal land, etc. Medical marijuana patients may consume their medicine in private settings only.
As of June 14, 2000, Hawaii voters passed Senate Bill 862 which allows for patients to receive medical marijuana as treatment for one or more of their qualifying medical conditions. Once a patient has been recommended by a licensed physician, they may apply for a Hawaii state-issued medical marijuana card. Once you have a Hawaii medical marijuana card, you are allowed to cultivate up to seven plants and possess up to four ounces of usable marijuana.
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Recreational marijuana is illegal currently in Hawaii. As it stands, the only way for Hawaii medical marijuana patients to obtain their medicine is to cultivate it on their own or have their caregiver grow it for them.
Currently, medical marijuana patients cultivate their own marijuana or have a caregiver cultivate it for them. However, House Bill 321 would allow eight companies to open up two dispensaries, totally 16 in the state of Hawaii. The bill is expected to go into action this summer.

In January, two bills were filed in Hawaii that would authorize marijuana to be taxed and regulated similarly to alcohol, legalize the plant, and effectively get rid of prohibition of marijuana in the state. While House Bill 889 and Senate Bill 873 have not passed yet, Hawaii’s take on this legalization process is different in that no other states have had the courage to pass full legalization.

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