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where to buy clones in michigan

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Weed clones that develop an exposed, excessive root structure require additional water & nutrients.
When you arrive, call or text (858) 260-1956 your order will be brought to your vehicle in discrete bags. Please have ready a photo ID and your Physician Statement to verify your patient status in Michigan.

The average order is 24 plants and generally the clones are hand selected based off root development and foliar health. Clones are hand selected for patients so each member receives the best marijuana plants.
The Strainbank has established a reputation for quality. If our nursery is contacted weeks later, there’s not much that can be done to help correct the problem and learn new preventative solutions.
Each new tray is labeled with a date and monitored until roots emerge and randomly selected clones pass a light “tug test”.
Call or Text Us: (858) 260-1956
Email Us: [email protected]
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Buy medical marijuana clones, weed plants and cannabis seeds for sale in Michigan.

Where to buy clones in michigan

But that hasn’t stopped pot growers from exploring options that aren’t clearly defined in the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act.

Still, Jones said he thinks there’s a place for ventures like his — even if his is the first.
More than 360 local governments, including more than 30 in St. Clair and Sanilac counties, have notified the state that they’ve opted out of allowing licensed pot businesses to set up shop since voters legalized recreational marijuana use.

“I would tell them to be extremely careful,” Wendling said.
A rootless marijuana plant is shown from Deckerville resident Bretton Jones. (Photo: Submitted.)
Sanilac County Sheriff Garry Biniecki said he hadn’t heard of any budding pot business, although he said he knew Jones.
St. Clair County Prosecutor Michael Wendling said he was “reserving comment” on the issue — for now.
“We’re going to see continuously these things come up that we don’t know how to handle,” Donnellon said. He added that he’d look to the county prosecutor’s office or state attorney general for guidance.

Jones compared Michigan Genetics to cannabis gifting and said it’s an example of the businesses that crop up when local ordinances aren’t being adopted.

Deckerville man believes he isn't breaking the state recreational pot law in selling cannabis cuttings, says it's an example of what businesses arise when local communities don't act