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where can i buy the sims 2

Not anymore. Until July 2013, it was possible to purchase The Sims 2 games but as of that date, they have been removed. Even if you have the game (The Sims 2) on your Origin library, Origin will not allow you to download them. I tried to download The Sims 2 Glamour Life Stuff and it refused to download it so I’m assuming The Sims Stories games would also refuse to download as well. The only Sims 2 game that Origin will allow you to download is The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection so you will need to download UC if you have it.
If you don’t own any Sims 2 games still contact customer services on line chat you still may be able to get it based on the fact you own other series of the game, however if not offer to purchase a brand new factory sealed base game or double deluxe with an unused code and they might offer you the full series for that. This is what I did and was given the full series which I thought was very fair. Players are still managing to be given UC and there are plenty of ideas on the following link..
Fortunately The Sims 2 UC doesn’t make you sign in to Origin unlike The Sims 3 1.69, The Sims Medieval, and The Sims 4 but beware that the game still includes SecuROM.
It is available as the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection on Origin for free, with stipulations- it’s given away if the person has a good registration code or is having problems with other games- (like I had with another Origin game).
No, it’s not for sale on Origin. It’s not being made any more so the only place to get it is second hand- check out any second hand store online or RL.
The Sims 3 does the same thing if you do not have 1.69 (i.e., you installed a U.S. or European DVD copy of The Sims 3) and you try to download an Expansion Pack or Stuff Pack, it will refuse to download the EP/SP.
I know there was a big deal about buying all the expansions and the base game for The Sims 2 in one bundle a while ago, but I’m super out of the loop and have no idea if it’s still for sale and where to get it if it is.