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where can i buy blue strawberries

Where can i buy blue strawberries

To show you how simple this hoax is, we personally Photoshop’d every pic you see in this article.

“Thus, an antifreeze gene from Arctic flounder has been introduced into strawberries to extend their growing season in northern climates. But contrary to what many people think, this does not make the strawberries fishy…”

The claim is that scientists have injected the plants’ seeds with certain genes coming from the arctic flounder fish (Liopsetta glacialis). It’s a species of fish which has built-in natural antifreeze, protecting it in the polar waters.

In the aforementioned food coloring link, we actually show you how to change the color of red cabbage water to become baby blue, by modifying the pH with baking soda.
Whomever the original hoaxers were apparently wanted to play up the “antifreeze” angle by Photoshopping them to have the same fake color as the automobile coolant.
Since it’s not yet for sale, that question cannot be answered either, or so they say. Some sites actually claim its flavor is the same as the normal red varieties, but their wording infers they are only reporting the taste second-hand, rather than eating it themselves.
For years now, there has been reporting – including from very high-trafficked websites – that scientists have taken the red garden variety (Fragaria x ananassa and related cultivars) and genetically modified it.
As far as why this vegetable is naturally red vs. blue (like blueberries), it largely has to do with the pH of their anthocyanins (a class of plant pigments, which are also type of antioxidant).

The USDA’s National Agricultural Library cites an industry journal article about transferring the protein gene of winter flounder to the strawberry plant. It was published in 1998. (3)

It's true that strawberries have been genetically modified with antifreeze proteins from fish. Are they really blue or black and where can you buy them?