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when to harvest autoflowering cannabis

When to harvest autoflowering cannabis

Here’s a quick lesson to harvest autoflowering cannabis buds.

A few tips to maximize your yield:
To harvest the plant, start by removing the fan leaves only. Then, proceed to remove the smaller leaves. Use gloves to prevent the resin from sticking to your hands.

The next step is to get the sugar leaves. Some growers let the sugar leaves stay. However, this is a matter of choice. Sugar leaves are the small leaves that are attached to the buds. They are coated with crystals and you might be tempted to not remove them.
For example, 30/70 of white/amber will make you relax and enjoy the evening. And 70/30 of white/amber will give you a nice buzz that tempts your creative juices. Remember that you just gotta watch the pistils until they change colors.
The stage of harvesting the buds is very critical. It can make all the difference in the world. So, take some time and read this article to understand how to harvest autoflowering cannabis buds.
I know you want to chop it as soon as possible. You want to skip these stages and directly smoke the bud. But slow down my padawan, because haste makes waste. Now is the time you have to be careful.
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You’ve got a catch here though.

After months of waiting, your big day has finally arrived. A cannabis seed that was so tiny has now grown into a big bush. It’s time to bid adieu, but not

A simple magnifying glass should be enough for most people to get a good view of their plant’s trichromes. Serious growers, however, will probably want to go the extra step of investing in a high-quality jewelers loupe to get a better view. Professional growers take that even further and often use digital microscopes to get the best view of their buds. Depending on the laws where you live, you might have seen these microscopes at your local dispensary or cannabis club. Customers can use these to confirm their weed is properly grown and harvested before purchasing.

Tricomes on a Fast Buds’ Green Crack Autoflower
This method is easy to do and requires no specialized equipment, but it’s not the most accurate or reliable. New pistils can appear overnight, setting your time to harvest back days. Some strains are more prone to producing dark colored pistils, regardless of how ready to harvest they are. However, if you want to be more accurate, you’re going to need the right equipment.

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In order to be more accurate than the pistil method, we’re going to have to look at the trichomes, the sticky balls of resin you see on well-grown bud. These specks contain most of the THC and other cannabinoids your planning to smoke.
Fast Buds Blue Dream’Matic Before and After Flush
The first step to harvesting your delicious autoflowers is ‘flushing’ the plant. We’ll go into more depth about how and when to flush at another time, but the here’s the gist: you stop feeding the plant and give it only plain water for a period before harvesting. This gives the plant time to use all the remaining sugars and nutrients its storing. If you don’t flush, excess amounts of both end up in your final product, and they burn alongside your bud, giving it a harsh feel and flavor. How long you flush depends on your growing medium, but the result is the same. Flushed weed is incomparably smoother.
A Stardawg Autoflower with curling pistils

It’s been ten weeks since you dropped your germinated autoflower seed into its pot. The plant is in bloom and smells heavenly. Time to cut it down, and harvest your buds, right? Not so fast. Harvesting too early will hurt the potency of your final product, but so will harvesting too late. What’s a stoner to do? Follow this guide from Fast Buds, and you’ll get the best buds possible every time.

It’s been ten weeks since you dropped your germinated autoflower seed into its pot. The plant is in bloom and smells heavenly. Time to cut it down, and harvest