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what to eat to pass a drug test

What to eat to pass a drug test

The best science that money can buy for assign a drug test can now come in a bottle. While some of these drinks are disgusting at minimum, and can cause some tummy discomfort at maximum, they can get you peeing clean and clear in just a few hours. Even if you’re a heavy user.

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Published : 05/1/2019 10:38:41
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Got an upcoming exam that you need to “study” for? We’ve got your “drug test, how to pass” cliff notes right here.
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If you’ve got a bit more time on your hands before testing begins and want to try something a little more natural, there are a few options to get your urine clear and clean. Most of the natural drink approaches require at least a few days of non-smoking and heavy drinking. For hefty users and the slightly overweight stoner, you may want to give yourself a few smoke free weeks while cleansing with these beverages.
Exercise helps reduce your bodies THC content by burning the fat that the THC attaches itself to. Having a good amount of base musculature serves to increase a bodies metabolic rate, which means you can burn fat just by sitting around. So staying in shape is another excellent way to get a clean drug test. If you’re in great baseline health, eat, drink, and exercise properly, just laying off weed for a week or so should be good enough to clean you out in time. However, not everyone gets a heads up when it comes to urine testing, so if you face the dreaded random drug test, it’s always a good idea to keep some fast acting detox drinks on hand.
It’s also rare that any employer who’s trolling your urine for drugs, to differentiate between recreational use and medical. So whether you’re hitting a blunt to relax, or poppy a gummy for chronic pain, most employers don’t care. Dirty pee is dirty pee. Luckily for all users, there are some simple ways to clean your system for a drug test, fast.

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Short on time but need to clean out your body before a drug test? These detox drinks and best practices will help you prepare to pass with flying colors!

What to eat to pass a drug test

Afternoon urine, on the other hand, is cleaner, and can be modified by taking the necessary detox products. If you have consumed any sort of drug later in the night, it would be best to avoid the morning test. By taking a morning test, there are very low chances of coming clean in the drug test. You would have to urinate 2-3 times in the morning and then drink lots of fluids and consume detox to clean your system.

Just like things to do before the drug test, there are certain things that you must avoid before a drug test. Take a look at some of the products that can increase your chances of positive result.
THC metabolites are stored in fat cells, where they are undetectable. Workout burns fats and releases THC back into your system. You should avoid any physical activity in the morning of your drug test, because it increases concentration of marijuana metabolites in your urine.

Morning urine contains the majority of toxins, because when your body hibernate during the night, your system starts working and collects all the toxins of the day in your bladder. This is why you should never send your first urine of the day as a drug testing sample. You should urinate at least twice before going to the testing facility to make your urine cleaner.
You need to prepare your body before taking the drug test. It is advised to urinate as much as possible before the test. It will not only help you clean your system from the toxins, but it will also lower the concentration of toxin in your urine that might have collected in your bladder. This is why any diuretic drinks as well as foods will be helpful in the morning of your drug test. You can try coffee, cranberry juice, water melon or whatever else.
For better results, drink 20 ounces of water before the test and wait for 20 minutes before taking the detox drink and boost tablets. Wait for the next 20 minutes and take the chewable supplement. Urinate as much as possible. Now test your system with the THC testing device. You must perform all these tasks at least 1 hour before the original test.
This kit is ideal for heavy users of marijuana and you can use it even on the day of the test for instant results. It is one of the best selling products on the market that you can choose without any second thought.
Both morning and afternoon drug test are different from each other. Morning urine is the most concentrated urine as it contains all sorts of toxins that were accumulated in the bladder during night, making it easier to detect the drug content in your body.

Your diet also plays an important role in coming out clean through the drug test. Eat high-fat and junk foods. Since THC is fat-soluble, eating these foods will help to absorb it into your fat cells, and don’t let it go to your bladder. This will decrease the concentration of THC metabolites in urine sample and increase your odds to pass the test. Protein-rich foods, such as red meat, will increase creatinine in your urine, which will mask excessive dilution.

There are a few important and recommended things to do in the morning of your drug test in order to prepare your system for passing it. This article will help you understand what you should do and what to avoid before going to a drug testing facility