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what is the best color spectrum for vegetative growth?

What is the best color spectrum for vegetative growth?

Changes How a Plant Grows

There has been quite a bit of research on how different spectrums affect plant growth, especially over the last decade by researchers at NASA trying to find a way to grow plants most efficiently in space with LED grow lights.
As long as a cannabis plant is getting bright light with at least some red and blue, it will grow normally, so any reputable plant grow light you get on the market will do the job and get you to harvest with top-quality buds!

Note: I’ve used all types of grow lights during all stages of growing marijuana, and even when you’re not using the “right” color spectrum, you will still produce potent buds with any strong grow light! I’ve even used “bright white” CFL grow lights (which have high levels of green), and you may be surprised to learn that these work great for growing weed, too!
There’s two main ways to increase the amount of light for your indoor plants:
I personally grow plants from seed to harvest under HPS grow lights so plants grow taller, because the longer stems make plant training easier in my case. You can grow your cannabis plant from seed to harvest under any grow light as long as the light is bright enough!
One way green light is helpful is it penetrates further down into the canopy than red and blue light, which get mostly absorbed by the upper leaves. This adds to amount of photosynthesis happening to leaves further down on the plant.
Blue light also works together with red light to help the plant “know” whether it’s day or night time, and help set circadian rhythms. You may notice that cannabis plants start drooping right before the lights go off each day, and they start perking up right when lights come on. This is a way for the plant to save energy while it’s “sleeping.” Since the blue in the light helps it “know” the time schedule, it will prepare as best it can for lights-out and lights-on.

The information contained in the light is important to a plant because it needs to be able to “know” whether it’s the beginning or end of the day. A plant can take advantage of the light spectrum information to keep track of day and night by sensing when there’s the highest ratio of far-red light.

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