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what is purple diesel

What is purple diesel

Enjoy this bud together with morning coffee. Let the good vibe slowly take over and dance while choosing what clothes to wear. Head to work with an unquenchable enthusiasm to make this day the best ever. Thrill the boss and the whole office with amazing ideas. Feel tireless and focused throughout the shift. With Purple Diesel, one is fueled up and ready for life’s rough road.

As Purple Diesel mainly exhibits Sativa effects and has high THC content, it’s valuable in relieving symptoms of some mental health concerns. With an uplifted psychological state, people suffering from anxiety, depression, and stress can fight their inner battles better. Moreover, this vigor-enhancing cannabis is also effective in warding off fatigue.
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Other plants have nothing on Purple Diesel when it comes to the looks department. It boasts of minty green leaves with pretty deep purple undertones. Meanwhile, its medium-sized buds have fluffy, dark emerald nugs with bright orange hairs scattered all over. Milky white trichomes and thick, sticky resin cloak these bulbs of happiness as well.
Softened by the sweetness of berries and grapes, veterans tend to enjoy the fuel aftertaste Purple Diesel leaves in the mouth. Novice smokers, on the other hand, may need more exposure to this dope or similar strains to appreciate it.
Indoors, the hardy plant will have a longer flowering period of 9 to 10 weeks. It will also need ample nutrition and light management for it to mature handsomely. By harvest time, expect a yield of about 500 grams per square meter.
Just like any other strains, Purple Diesel may cause some discomforts. Cases of dry eyes and mouth are pretty common. Simply keep bottles of water close and stay hydrated.
Some may also get a bit dizzy, but, most often than not, it only happens with beginners. In very rare occasions, people may experience mild anxiety or paranoia as well. Should this happen even in moderate dosage, consider switching to a less potent herb.

During the gentle flight, people will notice a gradual change of mood that will intensify to a euphoric state. Then, while on the heavenly mental and emotional journey, a boost in vigor will also manifest. Not even in their work clothes yet, smokers will find themselves motivated to face any challenges ahead.

Purple Diesel, with its deep amethyst leaves, is a feast for the eyes. It's also in high demand for its giggly, euphoric high and anti-inflammatory effects.