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what is a blue dream

What is a blue dream
Blue Dream is also easy to find as a clone. High Times cultivation expert Danny Danko noted, “she’s a clone-only strain that isn’t hoarded or claimed by one particular group. Blue Dream genetics are considered more ‘open sourced’ and cuttings are easy to find.” Since no one single breeder or group controlling the genetics, the Blue Dream strain is incredibly accessible to growers.
Blue Dream has the notable achievement of being the best selling strain in several major legal marijuana markets in the U.S., making it possibly the most popular strain in America. But where did this iconic hybrid strain come from, and why is Blue Dream so beloved by marijuana consumers?
Often considered a great strain for beginners but equally enjoyed by the experienced cannabis user as well, the Blue Dream cannabis strain boasts an appealing taste and a well-rounded profile of effects that heightens senses of euphoria and feelings of mellow relaxation.
Blue Dream is typically considered to be an easy strain to grow. Even beginner growers can easily produce a higher than average yield when growing Blue Dream compared to other strains. This ease of cultivation and high return on investment has led many growers to come to prefer Blue Dream in their cannabis gardens over other strains, making it a common strain to find in shops.
Blue Dream THC levels typically range in the high teens to low 20’s, so it is a reliably potent strain. Blue Dream is strong without being overpowering like more potent strains , making it a favorite among average consumers looking for a strain that won’t keep them from going about their day.
The Blue Dream bud can have a recognizably pale, almost pastel green coloration and dark, forest green leaves that make it easy to visually recognize the Blue Dream strain. The flavor profile is full of dark berry and purple grape, offset by some musk and incense and floral suggestions like lavender. Some popular Blue Dream phenotypes smell and taste like a warm blueberry pastry.
After enjoying a loyal following in California for years, Blue Dream became a preeminent top seller in Colorado and Washington , topping sales charts in both states. What makes the Blue Dream strain such a draw? One reason is likely linked to the behaviors of cannabis growers.
While sativa leaning phenotypes are the most common (Blue Dream is typically listed as sativa), some Blue Dream phenotypes have stronger indica properties instead, providing more physically sedating effects and more drowsiness.
Available seemingly everywhere, Blue Dream made our list of the most popular marijuana strains available in dispensaries today. It is common to find this ubiquitous strain as a dry flower, an extract, or a vape cartridge, meaning you can enjoy Blue Dream no matter how you use your cannabis.
The most popular cannabis strain in America, Blue Dream has become a favorite among marijuana consumers because of its mix of indica – sativa effects.