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what devil fruit am i

Paramecia: give the users a power that can affect their body, manipulate the environment, or produce substances.

Mythical Zoan Type – Phoenix Phoenix Fruit – Info is Unknown
Logia Type – Glint Glint Fruit – allows the user to create, control, and transform into light at will, turning the user into a Light Human.

Strong, Independent, and willing to stand up for your friends
Zoan Type – Phoenix Phoenix Fruit
Zoan: allows the user to transform into another species and inter-species hybrid forms at will.
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Paramecia Type – Bubble Bubble Fruit

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What devil fruit am i

He’s one of the few characters that we see go toe-to-toe with the World’s Strongest Swordsman, “Hawkeye” Mihawk, and live. Not only that, all of Mihawk’s attacks were essentially useless to him. If there’s anyone that’s going to somehow live to see the end of the series, it’s probably going to be the floating head of Buggy.

Unlike other Devil Fruits that grant similar qualities of invincibility, the barrier itself can take a variety of shapes and sizes and is shown to be mobile. Barto has used this power to win a battle royale standing still and even create a giant wall to bulldoze a large mass of enemies. He’s undeniably the most dangerous Monkey D. Luffy fan in the world.
During One Piece’s Skypeia arc, one of the Shandorians, Raki, states that the Rumble-Rumble Fruit is the most powerful of the Logia-type fruits, and Enel is frighteningly strong. Oda has even said that, based on his powers alone, Enel could easily have a bounty of 500,000,000 berries.

A Devil Fruit whose use ranges from comedic effect to downright plot armor, the Chop-Chop fruit allows its user to separate portions of their body in the form of cut-up segments in mid-air. This fruit is considered overpowered because it essentially grants the user near indestructibility. Its user, Buggy the Star Clown, is by no means a strong character but was able to stroll (or float) through most of the Paramount War with virtually no harm.
Having a good power system has essentially become a must in any Shounen series. Some fan-favorite power systems may include chakra from Naruto, nen from Hunter x Hunter, or quirks from My Hero Academia. And while many of these are the result of careful planning to create complex yet tangible battles, there aren’t many that are as full of personality and zaniness as the Devil Fruits from One Piece.
Logia-type fruits grant their user the qualities and control over an element of nature and are essentially indestructible. Zoan-type fruits are Devil Fruits capable of turning their users into a certain variety of an animal. What a surprise it must’ve been for the Whitebeard Pirate’s First Commander when he ate the Bird-Bird fruit and found himself turning into a glistening phoenix!
Big Mom has been shown to have an entire army comprised of talking animals, furniture, mountains, and even her own pirate ship that resembles a 1920’s-style rubber hose cartoon. She even uses pieces of her own soul to create the living embodiment of fire and the weather. The only limitations of the Devil Fruit seen thus far are that her army seems to only be in control if Big Mom is focused and that her victims have to fear her to have their souls taken.
Enel himself has been shown creating lightning attacks of up to 2 billion volts whose blast radius spans miles in length. He can move at the speed of lightning, manipulate metal, change his size, hear electrical sound waves, and even jump-start his own heart after it stops. The only way anyone could possibly stop him is if they were somehow made of rubber. Now, where can we find such a guy?

The Tremor-Tremor fruit has been shown to allow its user to create shock waves in the land, sea, and air; focus seismic levels of power into a single punch; and even flip small sections of the world, something that the fruit’s new user did to flip portions of the sea like a Rubik’s cube. During Whitebeard’s introduction, his power even allows him to crack air itself, which is a key power move in any introduction.

Having a good power system has essentially become a must in any Shounen series, but none are as full of zaniness as the Devil Fruits from One Piece.