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what detox works best for thc

What detox works best for thc

While Jeff Sessions seems to believe otherwise, countless studies have shown marijuana to be significantly less dangerous than other Schedule I drugs like heroin and cocaine and much safer than legal substances like alcohol and tobacco. To add insult to injury, when it comes to pre- or post-employment drug testing—which most often takes the form of a urine test—marijuana is the substance that takes the longest to get out of your system.

First up, we had Jolene try out a 17-ounce bottle of Rescue Detox. According to Karen, the very sweet Applied Sciences customer service lady we reached at the “LIVE SUPPORT” number listed at the bottom of the bottle, Jolene had to avoid eating for five hours before she did the cleanse. Luckily, it was Sunday, so Jolene had just woken up from a four and a half hour nap after spending the morning smoking and eating an entire large portion of Popeye’s mac and cheese, as one does.
The drink itself was a bright, neon yellow that looked slightly radioactive. Jolene said it tasted like synthetic blueberries and had a distinct aftertaste. She chugged it down over the course of ten minutes, and then refilled the bottle twice, choking down gulp after gulp of weird-tasting water until her stomach was bursting with 1.5 liters of liquid.

These drinks can be expensive—up to $60 a pop—but that’s a small price to pay when your job may be on the line. They all offer the same thing: a same-day, temporary fix for your THC-tainted piss, so long as you use ‘em exactly as directed.
Our test was simple. We ordered a ten-pack of THC pee tests from Amazon for $7.99, and recruited a regular recreational weed smoker—a 28-year-old woman we’ll call “Jolene”—to test out these drinks over the course of a week without altering her normal weed habits. She’d try out one drink every two days, and take a control test before starting each one to make sure she was still testing positive before drinking them. Then she’d follow the directions on each bottle and see whether she could piss herself clean.
Karen told her to drink Rescue an hour before “cleansing time,” then refill the bottle with water twice and drink that within 30 minutes. She was then supposed to pee three times, after which she should be good to go for three to five hours. Quite a lot of work!
As such, we decided to put three brands to the test:
It’s a light line, but it’s there.

But do they actually, like, work? This is a question even the most diligent Googler is wont to find. As it stands, all the available information on these detox drinks seems to be either an obvious paid promotion for one brand or another, or come from anons with usernames like Stoner4Lyfe420 on eight-year old marijuana message board threads.

From the Stinger Detox to the Detoxify Xxtraclean Herbal Cleanse & Rescue Detox, we tested these detox drinks that say they’ll help you pass a urine test.

Of course, the way in which you choose to detox from marijuana is your personal choice, however, you should proceed with caution if you choose to use a THC detox product.

  • THC detox products are temporary solutions. A THC detox product may flush your body of THC, but it will not do anything to address the psychological addiction or behavioral issues that contribute to your marijuana abuse. If your goal is to get sober, you’ll need to address all aspects of your marijuana misuse, not just the physical one.
  • They are not always effective. The results of THC detox products will vary based on several different factors, so whether your goal is to get sober or just pass a drug test, you may not be able to achieve that with a detox product.
  • They do not manage withdrawal symptoms. THC detox products only claim to flush your system of THC. They don’t provide any relief from withdrawal symptoms. That being said, if you are addicted to marijuana, you may experience very uncomfortable physical and psychological symptoms if you use a THC detox product. Some of these symptoms, if left untreated, can continue to get worse over time.
  • They may cause psychosis. THC detox products may have unpredictable side effects, as seen in one 2011 study where a 19-year-old man developed psychosis after using a detox kit. 1
  • Often, there is little or no regulation of these products. The manufacture, sale, and use of THC detox products aren’t always regulated, 1 so it would be wise to avoid using them, especially if you aren’t sure how your body will react or if you are a heavy marijuana user.

Although the alluring promises of THC detox products are surely enticing, they may not be all they’re cracked up to be. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the most common THC detox products and the risks associated with them, as well as a safer, more effective way to detox from marijuana.

Despite the popular belief that marijuana is not addictive, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) says otherwise. Research suggests that somewhere between 9 and 30 percent of people who use marijuana will develop a marijuana use disorder. 8 People who begin using marijuana before the age of 18 are also four to seven times more likely to develop an addiction.
Common marijuana withdrawal symptoms include:
The longer you use marijuana, the more likely you are to have severe withdrawal symptoms when you drastically reduce your marijuana use or stop completely. Although some symptoms may be mild, marijuana withdrawal symptoms may also be severe. 7
Urine testing is the most common type of drug test used in the U.S., but the chart below shows how long marijuana can be detected in the body based on the various types of drug tests available.
The best way to detox from marijuana is with a medical detox program because it ensures your safety and comfort throughout the entire process. Because drug detox can often be unpredictable, it’s always best to detox from THC and other substances with medical supervision. Even if you are not a heavy user of marijuana and don’t need a full detox program, you may still want to consider detoxing with brief medical supervision. That way, if a medical emergency occurs, you will have access to the healthcare assistance and treatment you need right away.

Inpatient medical detox provides several benefits that THC detox products don’t, ensuring your safety and comfort throughout the whole experience. For example, medical marijuana detox provides:

Do you need to detox from marijuana? Here’s why you may want to reconsider using a THC detox product and go for safer medical detox instead.