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what are clones weed

Also pay close attention to a dispensary clone’s roots, size, and color. Clones should have visible roots on the surface of the medium. They should be no less than 4 inches, or 10.16 cm, in height, and preferably 6 to 8 inches, or 15.24 to 20.32 cm, with thick stems. They should also be bright or dark green with minimal yellow spots.

If you want to save clones for later use, or have backups on hand in case a problem occurs with some of your cuttings, storing them in the fridge is typically a safe, simple way to do so. Clones are safe to store in a sufficiently cold refrigerator for 2-3 months.
“This mom is healthy enough to cut into clones.”

There are several reasons why both cultivators and home growers prefer clones over seeds. Cannabis is a heterozygous plant, which means it naturally reproduces a diverse set of offspring. Cultivators and home growers depend on continuity of plant characteristics, which sexually propagated cannabis cannot provide.
Taking clone cuttings from a mother plant is a relatively simple process, which typically requires the following equipment:
A clone’s central purpose is to reproduce and preserve the genetic identity of a cannabis plant. When grown under the same environmental conditions as the mother plant, a clone is infinitely more likely than a sexually propagated plant to exhibit the mother’s physical and chemical traits. As long as environmental conditions remain consistent throughout its life cycle, a clone should have nearly identical cannabinoid and terpene profiles to its mother plant. It should also mirror the mother’s ability to take in nutrients and resist pests or fungi.
A cannabis clone is a prime example of asexual propagation — replicating a single parent plant outside the means of sexual reproduction. Cannabis clones typically start by taking a cutting of a stable mother plant, then providing the necessary conditions for the cutting to grow into a genetically identical plant.
Roots should begin to form within 7-14 days, and signal that the clones are ready to be planted.

Before you begin cutting, it’s crucial to sterilize your blade to avoid quick-spreading, deadly bacteria from infecting your clones while they develop their roots. When selecting clones from the mother plant, look for branches with four or more nodes, or points in a branch where new leaves appear. Professional recommendations on proper branch length for cutting range from 4 to 16 inches, or 10.16 to 40.64 cm.

A cannabis plant that is a genetic copy of the mother plant. When obtained from a reputable breeder, a clone is a young female cannabis plant with stable genetics.