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what are blunt wraps made of

If you’re using blunt wraps for weed, you might not think about it.

And generally unhealthy all around. Vaporize! Vaporize!
Now, I knew when I was smoking the joint-also-rolled-with-tobacco, that there was tobacco in it, but I never knew it about the blunts. I never sat down to think about what substance it is that forms blunt wrap, other than that it’s something smokeable. Turns out, it’s smokeable and cancerous!

But here’s the best explanation from a Trees perspective on the dangers of it:
But, to answer your question. I never really thought about it. I’ve smoked a few blunts, though they’re definitely not my thing, and once smoked a joint also rolled with tobacco. But I have no desire to smoke tobacco, and I’ve never smoked a cancer-stick or a cigar on its own.
It is backed up by this section on Wikipedia:

The inner [blunt wrap] leaf, which is similar to a cigarette rolling paper, except it is made of tobacco, and a thicker outer leaf which is rolled around the inner leaf in a spiral. In most commercially available blunts, the “leaves” are not actual tobacco leaves but rather paper made from tobacco pulp.

(Is there any way to make blunt wraps. out of weed? Hmmm. Your turn, California.)

Well, it’s just the idea that some people who smoke weed, smoke blunts, and there are people who only smoke weed and not tobacco, and weed is okay for your lungs (as far as cancer is concerned, pneumonia not so much); so some people smoke blunts and think they’re only smoking weed, because they didn’t add any tobacco, but it turns out the wrap is made entirely out of tobacco.

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