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weed storage kit

Weed storage kit

This is the penthouse of weed storage (penthouse as in the top apartment, not the magazine…but I’ll be the first to admit I am indeed sexually attracted to this box).

Whether you’re a true weed aficionado or you just want to be, make this awesome mahogany wood storage box and rolling tray the centerpiece of your stash.
This beautiful, handmade, odor-controlling, locking wooden stash box is practical, discreet, luxurious and sexy. And who doesn’t like sexy boxes? Grab one in a bunch of dope colors, each with its own subtle variations that really make ’em stand out, like Yellow, Black, Brown and White.

Ooh wee check out this absolutely gorgeous mahogany wood stash box. This meticulously crafted high end storage box from Hakuna is just the thing you need to take your stash to the next level.
Not only is it a humidor for cannabis, it’s a full on executive suite. Lift up the hand crafted wood top and built-in rolling tray to discover a complete organizational system, stocked with 4 humidity-control glass jars, 4 non-stick containers for concentrates, a grinder, and even a side nook for papers and tools!
Hakuna makes a lot of cool boxes, but this shiny mahogany number stands out. It features a locking lid with a brass lock and key, a removable wooden rolling tray, and three segmented storage areas tucked away under the tray. It even comes with two premium bamboo stash jars and grinder, complete with keif catcher and a lil bitty keef shovel!
Need a new home for your nugs? Check out this selection of stash boxes! We’ve been on the lookout for cool, unique and all around lovable stash boxes and storage solutions. Here’s a list of our favorite discoveries, from stash boxes on Amazon, to high-end boxes from boutique brands.
Your nugs deserve nothing but the finest, you know? After all you guys have been through together?? So why not treat them to this super luxe Apothecarry Cannabis Humidor Case.

Liberate your nugs from the ziploc gulag in the back of your freezer and whisk them away to the luxury suite that is the RAW Special Wood Rolling Box. This beautifully designed wood rolling box has a latching lid, and makes a perfect private little hide-a-way for your stash.

Check out our round up of awesome stash boxes!

Weed storage kit

Putting your weed in the best stash box won’t help you keep it fresh. You also want to keep it at the right humidity level, so it doesn’t get dried out or too crumbly. (Plus, you need to preserve those terpenes!)

This STASHLOGIX Silverton Locking Bag With Odor Control stands out because of the “activated bamboo charcoal” odor-absorbing packet, as well as the user-friendly three-digit combo lock.
This box would be a great gift for someone who just watched Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix, who’s determined to organize their cannabis cupboard.

This Waterproof Stash Box With Magnets stands out because it comes with two super-powerful magnets. You can put it in a truck bed, and rest assured it won’t go sliding around.
This Hair Brush with Secret Stash Container is a clever way to disguise your herb if you’re worried about law enforcement. It won’t fool a K9 unit, but most drug-sniffing dogs aren’t hounding after cannabis anymore. (In fact, many drug-sniffing dogs who were trained to sniff out marijuana are now being forced into early retirement, thanks to legalized weed.)
It easily fits a Pax vaporizer or a small bowl. Some customers say they can fit a grinder, too.
You may have noticed that several of the weed boxes reviewed above have “customizable” compartments. They contain dividers, made of foam or other materials, that you can move around to fit all your weed accessories.
But this design may not be 100% smell-proof, according to customer reviews.

It has a sleek, professional appearance, and a scratch-resistant surface. The lid, however, is made from plastic, which dismayed some customers.

A weed box can help you keep your cannabis safe. The best weed boxes are smell-proof and shock absorbent. Discover the best weed stash box for your needs today.