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weed stash box for sale

Weed stash box for sale

This Waterproof Stash Box With Magnets stands out because it comes with two super-powerful magnets. You can put it in a truck bed, and rest assured it won’t go sliding around.

It’s also water-proof and smell-proof.
This box would be a great gift for someone who just watched Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix, who’s determined to organize their cannabis cupboard.

Most customers affirm that it effectively traps cannabis aromas.
Depending on the density of your herb, you can fit a quarter ounce to a half ounce of flower in this stainless steel container. You snap the latches to keep it airtight, which is great for maintaining climate-controlled freshness. It includes a Humidipak, for keeping contents fresh for longer periods of time.
This Bamboo Wood Hinged Cigar Box with Pot Leaf Design stands out because it’s affordable for a box made of bamboo. It’s a traditional cigar box design, but with a pot leaf etched onto the lid. It makes a perfect gift for the proud stoner in your life.
But this design may not be 100% smell-proof, according to customer reviews.
Choose from two designs, including a mandala and a tree of life symbol.

But the fake deodorant is unlikely to raise any alarm, regardless of your hair situation.

A weed box can help you keep your cannabis safe. The best weed boxes are smell-proof and shock absorbent. Discover the best weed stash box for your needs today.