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weed spoof

Weed spoof


It’s easy to imagine one industrious spliff smoker (the genius mentioned earlier?) coming up with a way to mask the fact he was smoking marijuana by blowing his ganja smoke through a filter.
Remember that a sploof is just a container (tube) with holes in both ends. Look around and you’ll see plenty of options for making your own sploof.

Second, fill the inside of the bottle with three or four dryer sheets.
Other, less-expensive options for odor control include:
The plastic bottle is often easier to use because the hole through which you exhale is smaller than the toilet paper tube. This smaller size minimizes the smoke that can seep around the edges.
Activated charcoal—also known as active charcoal, activated carbon, or active carbon—is one of the best gas and odor filters available. It’s so good because each “piece” of the charcoal is extremely porous.

You could remove the innards of a chapstick tube and fill it with activated charcoal. Then just poke a hole in the top and bottom and smoke away.

Learn what a sploof actually is, discover the inner workings of this ingenious device, and get simple tips for making your own.