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weed smoking tips

Weed smoking tips

Meanwhile, glassy eyes around the nation are turned toward the nine states (plus D.C.) where pot is now legal for a sign as to where this is all going.

There’s not a lot to know to get you started, and I am not here advocating the use of illegal substances. But if you happen to be interested, here’s what to know about marijuana.
The decidedly uphill battle to legalize marijuana, medical or otherwise, is likely to be with us for decades to come. Legislating morality in our country has always been fraught. As we have seen, even if marijuana is legal in some states, that doesn’t mean the federal government won’t get involved, as I discovered woefully a few years back when the owners of my own dear collective in Malibu, California, were forced to pack up and flee after receiving a threatening letter from Obama’s U.S. Attorney General’s office. And under Trump and Jeff Sessions, the feds are no friend of the pro-pot crowd.

The first time you smoke, feel free to giggle your ass off, munch down on Double Stuf Oreos and barbecue potato chips, and marvel at the newfound intensity of movies, music, sex, et al. The primary effect of weed is to enhance the sensory enjoyment of everything around you. But please, if you continue to smoke, learn some dignity. Conquer the munchies and the giggles. Concentrate instead on these newly opened doors of perception.
Learn the difference. Indica makes you sleepy; it’s more of a body high, good for pain, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping—you’ll likely nod out a couple hours after smoking. Sativa is a more upbeat, artistic, and cerebral high. It sparks the imagination and energizes you directly after smoking, and will keep you awake if you smoke too close to bedtime. Most stoners remember the difference in a somewhat anti-intuitive way. Sativa starts with an S = NOT sleepy.
The hip-hop generation has popularized the use of tobacco leaf rolling papers or hollowed-out/re-rolled Swisher Sweets as the delivery device of choice for weed. Not only can this lead to an addiction to nicotine, it also kills the taste of the myriad delicious strains now on the market. Nobody would ever mix a shot of red wine in a glass with ice and Coke, would they?
It’s never too late to learn the basics.
Given the choice between a drunk (and impaired) asshole and a pleasant stoner. Well, put it this way: If my college-bound kid was to ask my advice on the subject, I’d tell him I prefer he smoked weed in lieu of drinking. Watch one episode of Real World. That’s what our kids are emulating, people. (Of course, I’d also tell him to watch his butt—people still get busted for simple marijuana possession every day in America.)

Some people swear by vaporizers, which eliminate the intense skunky smell (good for dorm rooms and public spots) and the inhalation of smoke (possibly but not medically proven to adversely affect the lungs). However, the vape high is considerably less intense and shorter lasting. While a bong can be unruly and downright disgusting, a small water pipe can fulfill the same purpose, filtering the more noxious elements of combustion. For cleaning, isopropyl alcohol cuts resin nicely. Remember the container full of combs soaking in blue liquid on the barber’s counter? I do the same with my glass pipes.

There's not a lot to know to get you started, and I am not here advocating the use of illegal substances. But if you happen to be interested, here's everything you need to know about smoking marijuana.

Since cannabis has been deemed federally illegal for upwards of 80 years, the majority of information about how to smoke properly has historically been passed unofficially from enthusiast to enthusiast. This word-of-mouth mythology has led to tall tales about toking permeating throughout pot culture, including rumors like how smoking weed can trigger LSD flashbacks, or how adding tobacco to your joint will increase the high.

Don’t Put Ice in Your Bong
Also, Chinese mass producers regularly don’t anneal their glass, which means that the parts of the glass that have been sealed together aren’t quite as sealed as they should be. On top of that, to replicate the patterns so beloved by smokers, Chinese manufacturers also sometimes paint the inside of their pipes, causing the smoker to inhale toxic fumes or paint when the bowl is lit.

These suggestions won’t prevent you from doing or saying dumb things after using marijuana, but they’ll keep your body healthy and happily heightened.
Avoid Aluminium Grinders
American glass is the safer option, and there are plenty of places to get it for cheap both in stores and online. If the idea of copping a glass pipe utterly freaks you out — some look like meth pipes, after all — picking up a ceramic one from a place like stonedware or Tetra is also a good option. Avoid aluminum ones for the same reason as you would grinders.
Did you know that there’s a market for fake rolling papers? Just like Kylie Jenner Lip Kits or iPhones, mass producers have gotten wind of a desire for trendy papes, such as ones that are colored or flavored. Hell, there’s even an underground market for rare blunt wrap flavors, so it should come as no surprise that there are bootleg manufacturers flooding the market with suspicious stock. Naturally, many of these products aren’t FDA-approved, and therefore don’t adhere to the standards of safety for human consumption. Often, these producers use chemicals to make your joint taste or look more appealing, but what are those chemicals doing to your innards? Nobody knows exactly what’s in them, but presumably it’s not good.
However, Don’t Just Pick Up Any Old One

Similarly, when it comes to smoking safety, researchers and drug reform advocates have honed in on big-picture issues, such as debunking rumors that cannabis damages brain structure or disproving that legalization leads to increased teenage use. Understandably, then, urban legends and dorm room arguments about best practices for commonplace consumption have fallen by the wayside.

These suggestions won’t prevent you from doing or saying dumb things after using marijuana, but they’ll keep your body healthy and happily heightened.