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weed smoke cloud lips

Weed smoke cloud lips

It’s admittedly much harder to produce vape clouds with weed pens than more powerful vape mods or e-cigarettes. An e-juice mixture with high levels of vegetable glycerin (VG), one of the cutting agents commonly used in vape juice, allows vapers to generate massive amounts of vapor, according to The Dollar E-Juice Club . Some more advanced vape mods also allow users to adjust the airflow, which also has an impact on the size of clouds you can produce.

Since the dawn of weed culture, smoke tricks have been synonymous with cannabis consumption. And, really, this symbiotic relationship makes a lot of sense. What’s cooler than watching exhaled smoke slowly take unique forms as your mind settles into a stoned state?
The smoke ring, or blowing O’s, is The Beatles of smoke tricks, a classic that will continue to influence stoners for years to come. With a little rehearsal between you and your weed vape pen, you can replicate this iconic trick, too.

If you’ve mastered the other tricks on this list, you can take your vape skills to the next level with The Bull. This trick combines the smoke ring and French inhale to create the illusion of a bull ring hanging from your nose. Once you manage to get this one down, no one will dare step into the bullring to spar with the newly crowned vape-trick champion.

  1. Take a long draw from your vape pen and let the vapors settle in your mouth.
  2. Blow a medium-sized smoke ring.
  3. Place your nostrils above the floating smoke ring and slowly inhale the top of the ring through your nose.
  1. Take a long drag from your vape pen.
  2. Make an “O” shape with your mouth.
  3. Instead of exhaling from your lungs, you need to string out a few percussive coughs from your throat, forcing vapors out in independent bursts instead of all at once.

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Difficulty Level: Expert

Difficulty Level: Beginner

5 Vape Tricks You Can Do With Your Weed Vape Pen Since the dawn of weed culture, smoke tricks have been synonymous with cannabis consumption. And, really, this symbiotic relationship

Weed smoke cloud lips

  1. Start by blowing a strong, thick O with even walls.
  2. Push the ring gently to a comfortable distance and position.
  3. Flick just above the ring. It should make the top part of the ring sink, forming a heart shape. This may require several attempts to execute flawlessly, so feel free to experiment.

There are a variety of tricks that smokers can try. Some, however, may be a little bit more complicated than the others. For starters, there are many equally amazing tricks almost anyone can do. With just a little patience and some practice, users can perform these mind-blowing tricks in no time.
How to do the Ghost Hit:

Blowing smoke rings is the quintessential, and perhaps most iconic smoke trick. This trick is among the most commonly performed among smokers. Simple at it may seem, blowing “O” actually requires proper technique and adequate practice to get right.

  1. Take a long drag of smoke or vapor and keep it in the mouth.
  2. Place two fingers at the center of the lips. The tip of the fingers should rest just above the upper lip.
  3. The smoker must then open his mouth in the same manner when blowing single rings, but just a little bit wider to the sides.
  4. Cough a little bit, allowing smoke to rush out from both sides of the mouth. If done correctly, this should produce to O’s simultaneously. To make more rings, continue coughing until all the smoke or vapor in the mouth has been exhausted.
  5. To transition to triple O’s, slightly separate the two fingers on the lips. It will create three openings. Exhale slightly to create three O’s at the same time.

Smoking method. Not all smoking methods are equal when it comes to doing tricks. The high vapor content of vape pens also makes them suitable for most smoke tricks. Blunts and joints may also be used as they produce thicker smokes due to the paper burning with the content. On the other hand, pipes and bongs provide lighter vapors which users may find harder to manipulate.
Risks. Smoking carries with it inherent risks. It is not advisable for those with lungs and throat problems to smoke as it may worsen their condition.
These are for those who feel they have already mastered the easier tricks and are looking to step their games up. These tricks may appear simple at first, but they require additional patience and even more practice to do correctly.

How to do Pushing O’s:

Show off by doing some cool smoke tricks. The breathtaking swirl of thick, white clouds as they float across the room can be as mesmerizing as the weed itself.