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weed slang and prices

This is perhapsВ the most important (and by far mostВ subjective)В question that people face in managing weed quantities. An eighth is considered an ideal unit in part because it’s affordable, but also because you’re unlikely to smoke it all at once. That said, people have certainly rolled an entire eighth into a single blunt, whether for a group of friends or just to see if they could.

By another anecdotalВ estimation, an eighth is perfect “for 2-4 people lasting about a weekend rolling gram blunts.” And if you’re using a bong or bowl, those typically fit somewhere in the range of half a gram or less per use, which means an eighth could pack it eight to 10В times over.В
Back when the idea ofВ marijuanaВ legalization was just a twinkle in some stoner’sВ eye, weed was commonly sold in “eighths” — and today, in legal dispensaries, things are much the same. But if you’re just getting started,В you may be wondering: What’s the price of an eighth of weed? What’s the weight of an eighth of weed? What’s the size, exactly? Or even:В An eighth of what?В Or:В What about the first seven?В And: Do I really have to do fractions?

Quality, of course, is the surest indicator of price. Top-shelf strains can fetch $60 or even $70 per eighth after taxes, though many would consider this too expensive. According to analysis by Perfect Price, for instance, the average price of a full ounce in OregonВ is $214, which puts an eighth at $26.75. California, with an average ounce price of $299, offers average eighths at $37.38 — more likely, you’ll pay an even $40. Of course, dispensaries also love to attract repeat business withВ deals, so you might run across a two-for-one special.В Other sellers advertise a “cap,” meaning they will not charge more than that amount for an eighth. If you see a place with a $35 cap, that’s a guarantee that their best weed costs $35 an eighth.В В
Cultivated cannabisВ is relatively light, so it can take a surprising number of buds to weigh out to an eighth of an ounce. Again, there’s a range, because some weed is fluffier and some is more packedВ together, but in general you can consider an eighth to be a decent pocketful, or enough to fill the bottom of aВ standard plastic sandwich bag.В В
The term “eighth” is fairly universal, especially where weed is sold legally, but people disposed to working with larger amounts may also say “half quarter.” On the black market, you’ll occasionally hearВ terms like “a slice” (because a slice of pizza is usuallyВ an eighth of the pie — get it?) and “a cut.” But by and large, “an eighth” is one of the most universally understood concepts in a weed culture that is more typically overrun with differences ofВ slang.В
While the size and density of an eighth of weed depends very much on the strain you’re buying, what never changes is the weight. Quite simply, an eighth weighs an eighth of an ounce — hence the term — which comes out to about 3.54 grams, if you’re metrically inclined, and often just a flat 3.5 grams, at least on the street.В In other words, it’s pretty light; by comparison, a nickel coin weighs exactly 5 grams.
As always, your preferred method and rate ofВ smoking makes a difference.В For light smokers who bring outВ a one-hitter now and then, an eighth can easily last two weeks; habitual joint-smokers could burn through an eighth in just a couple of days.

This story is part of aВ series on legal marijuana, answering common questions about smoking, vapingВ andВ edibles.

This story is part of aВ series on legal marijuana, answering common questions about smoking, vapingВ andВ edibles. Back when the idea ofВ marijuanaВ legalization was just a twinkle in some stoner’sВ eye, weed was commonly sold in "eighths" — and today,…

Weed slang and prices

Many people who are green to buying grass have felt this way at one point or another. That’s because weed measurements are messed up.

The cost of an ounce of weed will vary widely according to the quality and popularity of the strain , of course. However, regulating and taxing marijuana drives down the price of pot and helps cannabis consumers save lots of money.
“Full O” is fairly self-explanatory (short for full ounce), but you may be wondering where in the wide weed world the term “Z” came from. As with most cannabis slang , the exact origins of the word are lost in the pot haze of time.

It’s typical to produce about two to six grams of dabs or butane hash oil ( wax ) from a full ounce, or 28 grams, of ganja. Vaporizable cannabis concentrates can cost anywhere between $20 (if you’re lucky) up to $100 per gram.
When you think you’ve got the size of each pile in your head, try this test:
An eighth of an ounce of high-quality cannabis produces about 30-34 doses of marijuana tincture if you make it yourself, and a small bottle of about 100 drops costs around $20 dollars.
Food scales are cheap and easy to find, and you can probably find a suitable model at your local market. As a bonus, once you’re finished practicing your weed measurements, you can use the scale to weigh your food.
Most marijuana users make their own cannabutter , but you can buy a 1.5-ounce jar of high-quality cannabutter from top THC chef Julie Dooley for $35-$30 dollars.

Ounces and pounds are examples of US Customary Units that we borrowed from the British before General Washington’s hemp-clad continental army won our nation’s independence.

Need help deciphering the common weed measurements? The experts at Honest Marijuana explain the marijuana metric system so you can buy your pot like a pro.