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weed rippers

You’ll want to find a camera with the following features: night vision for when things go bump; motion detection and alert so you can see what/who is interacting with your garden when you’re not around; and web streaming capabilities to check on your plants in real time when you’re on the go.

You are your own best scarecrow
Got mites on your bud? Get bigger bugs to eat them. Root aphids? You can drench your soil with micro-organisms to drown ’em out.

Buy extra eyes
Depending on the varietal you’re growing, your plants can double and even triple in size during the flowering cycle—so plan and prune accordingly. If you’ve got a six-foot-tall fence, you’ll want to make sure your plants are no taller than three feet in height when the days start to get shorter.
To achieve this, top your plants early and often—every couple weeks is a good guideline—to promote horizontal growth until you start to see your first bud crowns.
If your schedule doesn’t allow for randomized scarecrow hours, you can always create the appearance of being at home. You don’t have to go all Home Alone about it, but one simple trick is to bike or bus to work and leave a car in the driveway. Additionally, leaving house lights on at night will give the impression of wakeful activity. Basically, you want to make sure that potential crop toppers can’t easily suss when you’re around, or predict when you won’t be.
That said, keeping plants hidden isn’t necessarily as easy as it sounds. Outdoor cannabis can get big—huge, in fact—given a little skill and luck.

But human beings that sneak into your backyard and snip the flowers off your plants? There isn’t a standard prescription for that one. That said, you shouldn’t make things easy for would-be thieves—and you don’t have to.

Potlander Got mites on your bud? Get bigger bugs to eat them. Root aphids? You can drench your soil with micro-organisms to drown ’em out. But human beings that sneak into your backyard and

About a week later I was camping about 10 miles away and met a group of fishermen.
One of them pulls out a baggie of microwave dried weed and rolls a j.
He says “our friend jacked this last week. He found it growing about 10 miles away”.
“wow” I said, playing dumb, “and where’s he?”
“He’s in the hospital man. He got poison oak so bad it’s in his blood and they have him tied down to a hospital bed.”

More stories to come. Stay tuned cause you ain’t heard NOTHING yet.
Once me and my friend had 4 7′ tall Hawaiian plants way way deep in the woods next to a stream.
We knew no one had been in that side canyon for years, so we felt safe.
We went out to harvest and I figured we’d let it go 2 more days.
You guessed it, when we came back someone had cut all the branches off all the plants. They didn’t even leave enough for a joint for us to smoke for our 7 months of labor.
Fast forward 5 months. I’m camped out a few miles from where I had gotten ripped off when the guys drive up in a truck, unusual ’cause the road is behind a locked gate.
Turns out they had a gold claim to that area. They had been panning for gold in that area for 5 months.
They told me the area’s they had tried and one of them was where the plants had been.
I could tell there was more to the story–ya know how sometimes someone is telling you something and you can tell they’re leaving something out? Like that.
I said nothing.
Fast forward about 2 weeks. I hike down and discover that a tent & sleeping bag I THOUGHT I had well-hidden under a rock in a brushy area had been stolen.
Fast foward a few more weeks. I go in and see their truck with a flat tire.
The truck is unlocked and it’s full of stuff like fishing gear, a gold dredge, a generator, binocs–and MY tent and MY sleeping bag. They were ruined. The tent had burn holes in it, the sleeping bag had a big tear.
When I get home I call the Forest Service to report the abandoned truck.. They tell me that the miners had gotten busted on a variety of warrants (no surprize there, given their propensity for stealing). They were in jail and the Forest Service was gonna send in a tow truck with a tire and haul the truck out.
Now I don’t take stuff that doesn’t belong to me. But that doesn’t prevent me from telling otherpeople I kniw about it. So I put the word out–there was an abandoned truck full of goodies and I told them where.
A couple of days later I went back and the truck was empty.

peace out brother:smokin3:
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Sounds like you have alot of trouble growing in the woods. Maybe it’s time to grow indoors?

Well as it turns out, johnnyBlazed came to portland, well i met up with him, at first i wanted to keep it non drug related seeings how its first time meet ya know? so we went downtown to the Portland Saturday market, while the Beer Fest was going on, so we were walkin around , i showed him the Kind glass supply, 3rd eye smoking shop. and the smoke shop where they have the wall of bongs. i also introduced him to my friends that work there, and got some egiptian food. than he droped me off at my house, than later i called him when i got a call back from his cuz. went and picked it up, we were told it was gonna be a strain called fire, knowing his cousin it was gonna be dank, well when we get it, it smells like it came in a 2lb quantity, and it was seriously fresh, doesnt even look like it was cured, man was i pissed, but next time he’s in town he’s gettin hooked up.

These are some experiences I've had concerning people ripping me off. -One year I decieded to grow in an area that was thick with stinging nettles and…