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weed plants pics

You may find a small amount of marijuana your child has acquired for personal use to smoke. It is probably readily available in your community.

If you find a larger quantity of processed marijuana buds in your home, someone either has an expensive habit or they are selling weed to their friends.
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How do you do that? The best advice available is the simplest—ask your child.
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It may be that your child has experimented with marijuana use or tried it a couple of times with their friends. That happens a lot more these days than it may have happened when you were in school.
First of all, don’t over-react. Before you force your child into a professional drug treatment program that you may not be able to afford and they may not even need, take a step back and try to evaluate the situation.
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If you see plants like this growing around your home, chances are they did not just pop-up in the wild—they were purposely cultivated. Cannabis plants have a palmate leaf with serrated leaflets. You are likely to recognize them from popular art. While there are plants with similar leaves, the serration pattern for Cannabis is distinctive.

Parents may want to know what marijuana looks like in all stages of development and use. See photos that can help you check what you find at home.

Weed plants pics

Strain is Nirvana Bubblelicious. I used LST to train and got 2.5oz dried premium bud. I used a Pro Grow 400X LED grow light (retired, learn about modern LED grow lights), with Fox Farms soil and nutrients. I studied your web site and have had 3 successful grows.

I can’t comment on the quality yet, as it is curing, but it has a nice mild citric fruity smell. Also would be a good candidate for stealth, as it has fairly low odor..
This is a “Coma Kush” indica-dominant plant. I flowered for 8 1/2 weeks to give it a very heavy, sedating effect. It is very pungent smelling and beautifully shaped, as well as very hard and dence.

OVER A POUND of dry bud off one plant! (about 19 ozs.)
This is my first time growing and I am across the planet here in Maine. Just wanted to see what some experienced growers thought, and where I stand as a first time grower.
Pure AK after 3 weeks flowering under 3 x 55w compact flourescent strip lights, 2 x brightest white 1 x softest light. Beauties!
4oz from one plant! First pic is before trimming, the leaves really hung in there to the end and shaded a lot of lower bud, next time I might try aggressive defoliation.
This sole surviving [ Heavy Weight ] Massive Midget (AUTO FLOWER) ended up yielding OVER A POUND of dry bud! (about 19 ozs.)

As you stated in a previous article, Autos are more stressful to grow. But, for me it is worth it, as I ended up doing an open grow due to my high temp issues. And, I didn’t have to ever change my 18/6 timer, or worry about light leakage etc.

Reader Growing Pics 2015 Collection by readers Lots of growers send in pictures of their growing cannabis plants to GWE, and we wanted to share some of their amazing pictures