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weed muscle spasm

Weed muscle spasm

Although this phenomenon seems very strange, there is more than likely a logical reason why it happened to you. There are numerous causes behind the notorious shakes, and even ways to stop them in their tracks if you ever feel them come for a visit.

Anecdotal online accounts state that taking a warm bath before or during smoking helps to soothe and relax the muscles, and prevent shaking from setting in.
The medicinal properties of cannabis are becoming increasingly well-known, and it appears to assist with a tremendous amount of conditions. Its use for easing anxiety is recognised, however too much of a good thing is certainly true here. Smoking too much THC-rich cannabis, or even small amounts for sensitive individuals, can start to ignite the fight or flight response and make people extremely anxious.

Ever started shaking uncontrollably after smoking a large amount of weed? Well, you’re not alone. The “cannabis shakes” have numerous causes and are most likely nothing to worry about.
Dosing CBD may help with such a situation. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is known to be an effective anxiolytic. Using a high-strength CBD oil or extract may help to bring your anxiety down slightly and relax you. This will be especially effective if your shakes are caused by nervousness. CBD is a CB1 receptor antagonist, which means it helps to mediate the psychoactive effects of THC.
So, what exactly causes them? There is no specific research that has been conducted to make sense of what happens or why. However, logical, anecdotal conclusions can be drawn.
Moving the body can also help you get rid of the shakes. Taking a brisk walk, doing some push ups, or having a stretching session may help to soothe your muscles and put a stop to any shaking.
In many parts of the world, it is common to roll joints with tobacco and cannabis together. Many people also like to brew coffee when indulging in cannabis. Both of these substances act as stimulants to the nervous system. Smoking several joints loaded with tobacco could very well be at the root cause of any shaking that might occur. If this happens often, it’s best to use far less tobacco in your joints, or cut it out altogether.

If you are smoking around new people and suddenly feel nervous, these shakes could actually be more due to social anxiety. Stepping outside and taking time to collect yourself is probably the best option in this scenario.

Physical shaking after smoking way too much cannabis is nothing to really worry about, and you're certainly not alone if this has ever happened to you.