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weed lollipops price

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Warning: very strong! Do not finish the sucker in 1 sitting- or do and forget what planet you’re on.
love this product! cant go wrong.

my favorite flavor
The black packaging marks these lollipops to be Indica based. The specific strain in unknown, but the effects are very indica. Best for night time consumption.
I enjoyed these so much, have ordered more.
still my favorite
2 lollipops per pack with 90mg of indica-based THC each.

That’s right, weed candy. Perfect for apartments without a balcony, rainy days, movies; y’know, doing nothing.

KRAV Indica THC Lollipops are a fun discreet way to enjoy Indica without the smoke. Each lollipop contains 90mg of THC making them best for night-time use. Shop online!