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weed in washing machine

When eating weed, the onset of the high can take up to 2 hours. I once waited 2.5 or 3 hours because the weed sweets were the dessert course at an 8-small course Moroccan-themed brunch. Digression: We made two different cannabis sweets: my friend made a delicate, light, crunchy, spicey (cayenne, cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, orange peel, turmeric) cookie and I made a pistachio baklava with canabutter. Pistachio and weed go together well. Mmmm. That was an incredibly fun day. 8 hours in the sun, finger-, brush-, drip-, spray-painting the extensive, broken-down fence around the yard. Lots of musicians, so live deranged music all day. Just trying to inspire you for when your salvaged, edible weed will be consumed.

what kind of container was it in?
I have a 2 year old container in the freezer that has lost some potency. (That’s not a problem with this batch since we made it so strong that a dime sized piece would give us a strong high for 2-3 hours. The first time we tried it to test for strength, we dosed very conservatively and ended up high as FUCK for about 8 hours.) But most importantly, it has not become rancid or freezer-burned. I’ve had it in there so long since it’s so strong, and because I don’t get high very often anymore… Just in case you were wondering why anyone in her right mind would leave lovely canabutter like that uneaten for so long. It’s a fair question.

Thanks for the help.
How do you not notice that?
If you used Calico-n-Creme™ super-scented Agent Orange detergent, it may be difficult to rinse away enough of the chemicals to make it safe for cooking, but considering many people wash their weed when it’s drenched in pesticide, it might work. But if you wash with organic, no additive, no fragrance detergent I’m pretty sure you can salvage that weed for cooking. At any rate, cooking seems safest and easiest.
baked weed can take 45min-2hrs to hit me depending on how full my tummy already is and what quality/quantity of bud i put in

also, when eating weed. how long does it take for the effects to set in. 15-20 minutes. or is it closer to an hour?

If it was in an airtight baggie, and you can confirm that no water got in, then sure, give it a try.

Hello, my buds just went through the washing machine. I've been trying to ration out my shit lately to save some money… and no I don't want to quit. I…

Weed in washing machine

Let’s see what happens to this wafer of fresh hash when we apply a little flame.

resin glands fall through the sieve into the washing machine water. The leafy material stays inside the bag. The hash-laden water is evacuated out the washing machine’s drain hose and separated from the water in a simple filtering process,
Remove large Ice-O-Lator bag from the container.

Let’s see what happens to this wafer of fresh hash when we apply a little flame.
The best bet is to purchase the proper bags that have been tested. Mila and other manufacturers make different bags for outdoor and indoor crops. Plants grown outdoors have smaller resin heads than plants grown indoors and require a smaller mesh bag to collect the resin.
Make sure to include plenty of ice so the mix stays below A If (5″C).
Tlie color of water should be light green, which signifies ail the hash and impurities have been cleaned out. Dirty water contains more contaminants.

Two zipped Ice-O-Lator bags are loaded into the drum and the machine turned on to agitate for 10-12 minutes. Two bags are used to keep the machine in balance. As the machine agitates the bags, resin glands slip out through the mesh of the bags into the water.

On a recent trip to the tropical region of Colombia, 1 was able to record how expert grower friends made hash in volume. They learned this technology from