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weed grower box

Weed grower box

Table of Contents

  • Comes with a three-year warranty and technical support
  • Growing media and nutrients included with purchase
  • Best airflow possible in this grow box

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not an all-in-one grow tent

Yield Machine Max 4 is a slightly larger weed incubator but read any grow box reviews, and you’ll likely find that this grow box has a solid ranking. It is tall so that you can have higher yields, and at four feet tall, you can grow nine large marijuana plants at once in this grow cabinet.
What We Liked:
And you don’t have to compromise the removal of odors for the quality of your crop, either. Grow cabinets produce some of the best yields and highest-quality weed. You won’t have to monitor or maintain anything – everything inside your grow box will handle all the work. You can grow weed year-round without having to worry about the climate, diseases, or any pests.

  • Each grow box is handmade
  • Backed by six months of testing and quality assurance
  • Comes fully assembled

When you purchase this grow box, you get everything from filters to fans and even hydroton rocks. Easy to set up and easy to maintain, it only weighs about 45 pounds.

Are you thinking about growing your own marijuana indoors? Make things more discreet by using a best marijuana grow box.