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weed girl

Weed girl

Dispensary33’s customers enjoyed having the option to buy Girl Scout cookies, Watkins said. The dispensary’s staff also patronized the cookie selling booth on breaks.

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The Girl Scouts of Chicago allow for members to conduct “booth sales” outside legally owned businesses, including dispensaries, said Britney Bouie, spokeswoman for the local Girl Scouts group.

Rogers Park, Edgewater, Uptown Reporter
Melissa Soukup, a leader of a Andersonville-area Brownie Girl Scout troop, said she got the idea to open a booth outside the dispensary from a police officer. Last year, the officer visited her troop’s cookie booth at a Pet Supplies Plus, when he said the group could make a killing outside to-be-legalized dispensaries.
ANDERSONVILLE — Dispensaries aren’t the only ones cashing in on cannabis legalization in Illinois: A wise Girl Scout troop set up shop outside an Andersonville dispensary this weekend, delighting customers and employees of the weed shop.
“We try to meet goals so the girls can win prizes,” she said. “We’re always looking for opportunities, places that have walking traffic. I was looking for places that weren’t taken, and I thought of this.”
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“People were having fun,” Watkins said. “Everyone loves Girl Scout cookies. They were undeniably cute.”

Girl Scout Troop Selling Cookies Outside North Side Weed Dispensary: ‘I Admire The Hustle,’ Pot Shop Worker Says Other Girl Scout troops will likely sell cookies outside Dispensary33 in

Weed girl

Exploration revealed that in fact, weed girl was no “normal” child; she began speaking at 7 months old, walking at 10 months and reading at 3 years old.

She is Founder / CEO of Anxiety and OCD Treatment Center of Princeton – “ Evidence based strategies for anxiety & OCD, mood & motivation. Expertise in kids/families with OCD, gifted, 2e, ADHD/ADD, LD. LBGTQA ally.”
This is in congruence with the ambivalence about her own sense of power in the world as a person of agency.

Her mom worked a lot when weed girl was growing up and didn’t seem to have the time to deal with many of weed girl’s early curiosities.
Of course dealing with the real issues of depression and anxiety are a priority along with helping Weed Girl to develop skills in managing her giftedness and related emotions while simultaneously enhancing her motivation to live a less weed centered life.
The adults in her life found this somewhat entertaining for awhile but then became annoyed when, as she was growing up, she became more interested in spending time with them rather than her peers.
Instead of developing the essential coping skills for managing what I call a “rage to achieve,” many gifted adults grow up doing exactly what Weed Girl learned to do, that is they learn how to “numb and dumb” their passion and sensitivity by smoking pot not just once a day, but all day every day.
Coping with being a gifted adult is not always easy, it entails real skills that many gifted adults and the people who love them never learn or realize that they must develop.

Sadly, by the time I met her, Weed Girl was pretty convinced that she was just a big screw-up and had forgotten about any of her strengths.

Psychotherapist Belinda Seiger details ways that some people with a "too-active" mind may deal with feeling overwhelmed, including drug use."