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weed games

Weed games

Well, do it if you want.

  1. Put together a 1-2 hour playlist of your favorite music or YouTube clips. Each clip should be between 15 seconds and 2 minutes long.
  2. Take a hit every time the music or clip changes.
  3. Last longer by passing a joint every clip change, or ratchet up the intensity by giving everyone their own joint.

In case you were worried pong wouldn’t make the list.

I went to the gym, got a tan, and did laundry. Then it was t-shirt time.
This idea fit the general “be drunk” theme of the party. But for my money, I’d have rather played a weed smoking game.
Lots of songs are about weed. But that isn’t a requirement for this game. Instead, choose a song with semi-repetitive lyrics. Now get all the participants a joint. Finally, take a hit every time that lyric is repeated.
Last weekend I went to a Jersey Shore party.

  1. Cover the opening of an empty wide-mouth cup or jar with tissue paper, toilet paper, or rolling paper and secure with a rubber band.
  2. Place a penny on top of the paper.
  3. After someone takes a hit, they must burn a hole in the paper before passing the joint.
  4. The person who makes the coin fall into the cup loses.

Consider who will be participating in the smoking game. If you have a few beginners joining you, stick to simple games with less smoking. One hit of lower THC weed every 5-10 minutes is much more sustainable than several hits of your best bud in that same stretch of time.

Why aren’t we all playing more weed games at parties? I compiled a list of some of the most popular and easy-to-play marijuana smoking games. (Karing Kind | Boulder, CO)

Weed games

I like to smoke while watching movies. So I make up some sort of challenge for myself to burn through all my different stashes. I’ll have my flower vape, my concentrate pen, my dab of live resin, or my bong, and the goal is to finish before the movie is over. Sometimes I win (make it through the movie and the full supply) and sometimes I lose (fall asleep during the movie in front of a half-finished bowl).

  • Each player will need their own smoking device (pipe, vape pen, bong, dab rig…)
  • Each player will need their own jar of nugs (about an eight) or gram of concentrate
  • The group will need to pre-roll 5 joints before the movie starts
  • Lighters (you know who’s gonna forget, help them out)
  • VESL CBD vape pen (just in-case anyone gets too high and needs to chill)
  • Copy of The Big Lebowski

This one is not recommended for the occasional toker, please abide.
Pro Tip: Roll your joints before the movie starts! You’ll quickly notice that despite how many times you’ve seen this movie the joints will sneak up on you. This is how it goes:

The lighter game is always a fun one! The way you play is similar to hacky-sack. You take a lighter and balance it on the top of your hand, laying over the tops of your fingers. You then toss the lighter over to your buddy, who has to catch the lighter on the top of their fingers. You toss back and forth and get some good laughs out of the experience. It also helps with hand-eye coordination. If you’re feeling competitive, you can move farther apart with each successful toss.
Playing games of skill can be fun but not when I’m super baked. When at home toking up after a long day I love to turn on the PS4 and get on the group chat and join my clan on Destiny 2. Destiny 2 allows you to free roam on multiple worlds or play in co-op missions that allow you to play with a fire team of fellow clan members.
At a birthday party. Adult birthday parties are the perfect place to gift some bud, then hit it together as you get your game on. It could be considered a 21st birthday party rite of passage, but high-level fun doesn’t end in your 20s. Bring your playfully competitive spirit to milestone birthdays like a 30th birthday party or even a 40th birthday party.
We polled the playful team here at My 420 Tours to get a full circle of opinions on the best weed games out there. Here’s what we came up with:
My favorite weed game to play with friends is hands down any of the Jackbox party pack games. Basically, they’re games where everyone submits answers on their phone to funny questions. The answers you submit pop up on the TV screen and then everyone can vote on them.

  • Every time “The Dude” says the word, “man” everyone has to take a hit of their piece.
  • Every time “The Dude” lights up a joint or is smoking a joint the whole group must join him. (don’t forget to listen for the term “man” doing rotation!)

Move over, drinking games. Weed games are on the rise. We polled the playful team at My 420 Tours to get a full circle of opinions on the best weed games out there. Here’s what we came up with.