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weed drying out

Colored or blacked-out jars are best, as they block out greater amounts of light. Moreover, jars help prevent air from leaking out (which carries scent) and air from seeping in (which can dry out its contents).

Takeaway: You put a lot of work into growing your plants and harvested them at just the right time. Now, the next challenge is keeping your buds properly stored so you get back what you put into them.
For improved shelf life, many smokers are turning to home vacuum-sealing machines. Vacuum-sealing is an excellent method of keeping your weed fresh. This practice is generally used for larger amounts that need to be stored over a longer period.

Few things offer more pleasure to the marijuana enthusiast than the sweet taste and singular fragrance of their favorite bud consumed at the peak of freshness.
Less light, less air, fresher smoke. The jury is still out, however, on how full you should fill your jar. Some suggest you shouldn’t pack your herb into the jar too tightly, leaving a bit of space between buds, while others believe cramming it full pushes out air, the enemy of freshness. The negative to cramming is that it squeezes the buds. The call is yours to make.
When marijuana becomes mummy-dry, it smokes harshly, loses potency, and burns up quickly; the antithesis of fresh weed. Moreover, if totally dry, it loses all those wonderfully aromatic compounds (terpenes) that impart such delicious flavors and gives our olfactories a workout.
Freezing marijuana to preserve it is another urban myth. Freezing does just what the word implies but with negative results when it comes to pot.
If that weren’t enough, plastic bags create static electricity that leaves the fine trichomes clinging to the bag, which can be a real pain in the bud.

Additionally, many tobacco humidors are constructed using cedar wood, which has a distinct woody smell that could potentially alter the smell and/or taste of your weed. There are cannabis humidors created expressly for the preservation of marijuana available online.

You put a lot of work into growing your plants and harvested them at just the right time. Now, the next challenge is keeping your buds properly stored.

Weed drying out

Buds are not wet, but also not brittle – You’re in the cure zone! Your buds may feel a bit sticky to your fingers. Buds should move independently and not clump together in big bunches when you shake the jars.

During the first few days, you may want to check even more often than once/day, especially if you are worried about mold or bacteria from too much moisture.
If buds are dry sooner than 3-4 days, it may mean you’ve dried your buds a little too fast, but that’s okay! Live and learn for next time. It’s difficult to get things exactly right at first because the size and density of the buds, and your environment can vary so much! Even if buds have been dried too quickly, they still benefit from the curing process, but it may take a little longer than normal for buds to be fully “cured.”

After curing for a year or more after harvest, buds will tend to produce more of a “mellow” effect and will look a lot more beige than green, but other than that the effects stay mostly the same as long as buds are stored properly.
How long do you dry your buds for and what’s the best drying method?
If you smell ammonia or the outside of buds feel moist, it means buds are too wet and need to air out before closing the jars again. If it smells more like cannabis every day, it means you’re doing it right!
Here are some ideas to adjust your environment:
Keep opening all jars at least once/day for first 1-2 weeks of curing

For those who struggle with curing even after going through all the steps in this curing tutorial, there’s a product known as a “Boveda 62” humidipaks which can help maintain the correct humidity in your jars. These are especially helpful at preventing the humidity from getting too low, even if the humidity is very low where you live. Some growers choose to use these every time they jar their buds to maintain the humidity in the 62% range.

This tutorial teaches you the best way to dry and cure cannabis buds after harvest, which greatly increases bud quality. Quality drying/curing ensures the best smelling, most dense and highest potency marijuana buds!