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weed before beer you re in the clear

No two people react the same way to ‘crossfading’. Credits: Getty

As with other areas of life, common sense is key to avoiding bad outcomes – and remember the effects will be slightly different for everyone.
Prof Lukas hopes to study whether vaping or eating cannabis instead of smoking it will increase or decrease the likelihood of ‘greening out’.

Alcohol takes longer to kick in than marijuana, and as regular drinkers know, can take a lot longer to wear off. Once alcohol is in your system, it boosts marijuana’s effects by opening up your blood vessels, allowing more THC to be absorbed.
Prof Lukas has studied how the two popular drugs affect people when taken together – one had people drinking before toking, the other study reversing the order.
It turns out there’s truth in the old stoner adage, “weed before beer, you’re in the clear”.
With marijuana becoming legal in different parts of the world and more socially acceptable even in places where it’s still illegal, it’s likely that more people will try what’s known as ‘crossfading’ – mixing alcohol and weed to get a different, stronger kind of high.
The reverse of this is best summed up in the phrase: “beer before grass, you’re on your arse”.

“Not everyone responds to alcohol and marijuana the same,” Harvard Medical School marijuana researcher Scott Lukas told Vice magazine recently.

It turns out there's truth in the old stoner adage, "weed before beer, you're in the clear".