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weed acid

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Acid is a hybrid cannabis strain.

Weed acid

Common effects: intensifies the psychedelic effects, or relaxes people

Because LSD and psilocybin are both classic psychedelics that produce comparable experiences, the effects of mixing them with cannabis is very similar. For instance, many report cannabis can intensify their LSD experience, mainly by enhancing the visual or introspective effects of it. Djordjevic agrees, but adds, “With LSD, however, the experience is more ‘controlled’ since it’s dosed chemically and the effects are more consistent. Compared to psilocybin, there are less ‘spikes’ where the person can feel the effects intensely for some minutes, but rather more evenly distributed over the course of several hours.”
There’s less concern that this combo will induce “a bad trip.” Although, increased anxiety is still a possibility, especially when using cannabis during the MDMA come-up or when you’re feeling particularly “rushy.”

Common effects: intensifies the MDMA effects
Common effects: intensifies the trip, especially the visuals
Another reason they mix the two is to increase the psychedelic effects of psilocybin, especially the visual effects when their eyes are open or closed. I ask Dr. Nikola Djordjevic, Medical Advisor at Loud Cloud Health about this, and he confirms that many peoples’ senses are enhanced when they combine cannabis with psilocybin.
That brings us to our next consideration: where you are in your psychedelic journey—or the timing—really affects what happens when you add cannabis to the mix. For example, some people report smoking weed right after they’ve eaten mushrooms calms their minds and their stomachs. In fact, one survey participant told me that because “cannabis reduces their inhibitions, they can move into the psychedelic experience more gently, with less pushback from their ego.” Considering the main tripping navigation skill is to relax and release your control to the substance, or “trust, let go, be open,” perhaps cannabis could be a good companion.
While that may be true, many in my survey still reported increased anxiety from mixing the two, which has caused some to stop combining completely, like communications strategist for cannabis, Leland Radovanovic. He told DoubleBlind he’s stopped mixing cannabis and psychedelics, like acid or 2-cb in recent years, even though he consumes cannabis daily, because the combo can give him bad anxiety. “I do sometimes use CBD flower,” Radovanovic says, explaining that it has an anti-anxiety effect almost akin to Xanax.

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It's common to mix MDMA and weed or weed and acid, but should you? And are there any risks? Michelle Janikian explores. Read more at DoubleBlind.