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watermelon kush seeds

Watermelon kush seeds

One of the best times to use Watermelon Kush is right before a meal. After all, though subtle, its mood-uplifting head high extends to the stomach as a stimulating buzz that ups the appetite. Having food nearby is convenient as the upcoming Indica high can sometimes prevent the body from moving around.

Dry eyes and mouths are common experiences when it comes to smoking Watermelon Kush. Both are mild and often go away after a few hours but, if symptoms persist, users may down a few glasses of water throughout the day. Avoiding alcoholic or caffeinated drinks will also keep the dryness from exacerbating.
Presumably, Watermelon Kush is a recreational strain that provides users with a head to toe psychoactive high. However, the same cannabinoids also provide users with a reprieve against various afflictions. Its happy high, for instance, clears the mind of unnecessary worry while uplifting the mood. It stabilizes emotions and slow down the fast-paced worries brought about by stress and anxiety. Because of this, it works well as a stress reliever and as an anti-depressant that manages symptoms of mental health issues like depression and PTSD.

By staying within one’s limits, users are assured of a pleasant psychedelic high that gently stimulates the mind with a rush of euphoria. It clears away negative thoughts and instills a sense of happiness in its place.
In subtly invigorating the mind, it also stimulates the appetite. Before anything else, however, it first soothes stomach cramps that prevent users from enjoying a meal. It is a source of comfort to patients dealing with eating disorders like anorexia and cachexia. Apart from the gastrointestinal tract, Watermelon Kush’s analgesic properties also release the body from pain. It relaxes users beginning from the temples before moving through the muscles and calming each limb.
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Later, as the heaviness continues, users gradually begin to slip into a state of drowsiness. It tucks users to bed in a deep, unencumbered sleep that improves energy levels for the next day due to its sedating properties.
Of course, that is only to be expected when one sees Watermelon Kush’s buds. Each are large, dense, and shiny as a thick layer of trichomes coat the nugs, which hint at its high potency. In fact, its THC levels average between 18% to 20%.

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Watermelon Kush Strain is an exception to this recurring theme. It is 80% Indica that blankets the whole body in deep relaxation but is equally delicious. Read our full strain review for all info.