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watermelon cannabis

Watermelon cannabis

The best way to enjoy all her tones, aromas and flavours is smoked via a bong or vaporizer. Just the thought of it will make you drool!

Watermelon Icecream is strikingly attractive; her leaves are light green, but they can turn blue, purple or even reddish when outdoors and in cold climates. It’s a genetic for those who choose taste over potency, though her high is reasonable (her THC levels are between 15-18%) and it delivers a nice and pleasant effect.
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Watermelon Icecream is a feminised, Indica-dominant, fast-flowering strain. She’s a heavy-yielder with well-defined morphology. Her enormous, beautiful buds are hard, tight and heavy, both in the plant’s centre and on the side branches. Her pistiles turn orange as they ripen, and her flowers are covered with an extremely tasty, sweet resin.
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This strain doesn’t demand lots of attention. She only needs a good substrate, ideally organic, and as always, the more love she receives, the bigger the reward.
Watermelon Icecream by LaMota Seeds is the most refreshing, most fruity and sweetest strain from our catalogue. Due to her high amount and combination of terpenes, trying this plant becomes an explosion of freshness and sweetness. A potent and sweet variety with a taste of watermelon ice cream, grapes and fruits of the forest, with refreshing touches on the palate. Delicious and ideal for those summer days on the beach or the mountain!
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