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waist deep quotes

Fencing House Lady:
Beauty is pain

For me? Nigga, you got caught.
My son is all I had.

Nigga, f*** your son!
This a dumb nigga. And this what happens to dumb nigga who don’t pay their taxes. Every liquor store, grocery store, and every motherf***ing restaurant around here owes me!
Fencing House Lady:
Damn, nigga. You know who you’re f***in with?
I made you! I put you in this shit!
What? I came through the spot, boom, I kicked in the motherf***ing door. I told motherf***ers,”Get the f*** on the floor right now, nigga. It’s a jack move!” I was running through that motherf***er, smacking up bitch-ass niggas with no problem. You know, I’m taking care of my shit. I’m over there, just snatching shit. Snatching whatever I want, ’cause that’s what I do. I ought to take your shit, nigga. Now I bring this shit back to you, man, so we can break bread.

What are you doing man?

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Coco : [to Fencing House Lady] What do you think of this dress?

Coco : Junior’s gonna be fine.
O2 : Somebody asked me that same question earlier.

O2 : We’ll take it. As a matter of fact
Coco : It’s about six of them. Three little niggas and three hood rats.
O2 : we’ll take all this shit.
O2 : Who’s down there?
Fencing House Lady : Damn, nigga. You know who you’re fuckin with?

O2 : If they find out what I’m doing, my son is dead.

Перехват (2006) Meagan Good as Coco