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violator kush strain

Violator kush strain

Aromas: Spicy, Pungent, Hash & Earthy

lanny (verified owner) – April 12, 2020
As soon as I opened the package the smell was wonderful, I knew instantly that I would truly enjoy this bud. The taste of this is incredible, I find it earthy and wonderful! I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants something just to take the edge off, or relax on the couch.

All WBUD cannabis strains are award winning products that have been reviewed extremely favourably for many years on numerous other marijuana sites in Canada and the USA.
This pure Indica strain is famous for its potency and boasts a huge 22% THC concentration that comes on incredibly quickly and may shoot your socks off if you’re not ready. Apart from the massive THC, it hits your system with a great CBD concentration, which explains the vigorous sedating qualities of the strain. Most users have described the high to be euphoric and relaxing.
Effects – happy, relaxed, euphoric
The heavy Indica effect also makes it perfect for use as pain medication, and a lot of users have recommended taking it before bed for a well-rested sleep. It has a musty, earthy smell with a hint of spice and is perfect for after-work relaxation.
Our strains are grown indoors in British Columbia, Canada. True BC BUD.

Violator Kush is a great Indica sedative with its roots in India for both parent strains, Hindu Kush & Malena. It comes on slowly to relax you and after an initial creative uplift, the sedative effect takes over and puts you on the couch, remote in hand. Don’t overindulge and hanging with friends is a good option. Otherwise you will be too lazy.

An excellent pain management strain, Violator OG will also overcome insomnia,anxiety and stress. The CBD & CBN levels make Violator a great choice for medical use.

Violator kush strain

Barney’s Farm deserves a place on the cannabis map for producing Violator Kush. Of deep landrace roots, its heritage traces back to the fertile lands of northern Pakistan, India, and central Afghanistan. Its cumbersome body stone is from the epic, pure Indica Hindu Kush. One of the most critical strains in history, it is the backbone of Indica variants the world over. Meanwhile, Malana, a rare indigenous cannabis, bestowed its uplifting Sativa capability. It also passed along its extremely thick resin production.

by Bonza · Published July 9, 2018 · Updated January 29, 2020
A muscle relaxant with analgesic and anti-inflammatory compounds, this strain is the answer to persistent pain. It eases muscle spasms, joint pains, and all other body aches. Most of its users are those afflicted by migraines, arthritis, and eye pressure.

Violator Kush may indeed get one charged with a violation. Of pungent earthy scent, the herb may attract unwanted attention from neighbors. If cultivating indoors, installing an air-filtration system can eliminate the odor. When planting al fresco style, however, guerrilla growing may be needed.
Violator Kush is the absolute strain to try for an intense body high. Suitable for a post-bedtime smoke out, it couch-locks just before knocking users out. Not for novice tokers, only veterans can have their go with this pot.
Outdoors growers in the northern hemisphere are in luck. Violator Kush thrives in cool climates, so the not so warm summer of the cold north is just perfect. By mid to late September, a hearty harvest of around 750 grams of sticky buds per plant will wow cultivators.
Although boasting a tough-sounding name, Violator Kush’s scent is pungent but very pleasant. Its calming earthy aroma has hints of hash, herbs, and some woody undertones. Resembling nature’s breath, the weed has the smell of a lush forest’s morning dew and mossy floor.
Growing the vision indoors is painless. Only reaching a modest height of 90 cm, vertical space is never an issue with this baby. For the plant to flower abundantly, adopt an SOG setup and use either hydroponics or soil as medium. After 8 to 9 weeks of flourishing, the grateful herb repays its growers with up to 650 grams per square meter.

Violator Kush has an impressive list of properties that makes it such a valuable medical marijuana. Patients seek refuge from various conditions in its potency. Fast-acting and not one to ever miss, the grass does not disappoint.

A predominantly Indica strain, Violator Kush wows recreational and medical cannabis users alike with its potent flower that provides an intense body high.