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Entering the season with a clean slate, the nationally-ranked Huskies kicked off the season with a 47-14 dismantling of Eastern Washington at Husky Stadium. In his UW debut, Jacob Eason threw for 349 yards and four touchdowns, and the Washington defense recorded a safety in a mostly dominating performance.

The Huskies bounced back in a big way, taking down Hawai’i 52-20, then went on the road for the first time to beat up BYU 45-19.
Be early, be loud, and stay until the final whistle. Showing up 15 to 30 minutes before kickoff typically ensures a decent spot in the student section, even for big games.

Being loud is crucial — something that the Washington defense rallies behind. Make noise while the Huskies are on defense and amp it up a few notches on third down. Save your voice while quarterback Eason and the offense are at work.
After the game, the Dawg Pack joins the players, cheerleaders, and marching band in singing “Bow Down to Washington” (which every Dawg should learn the words to).
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As the UW welcomes thousands of new undergraduates to campus, here are a few reminders before the Huskies kick off this Saturday.
Former Washington starting point guard David Crisp cheers in the student section before the Huskies’ 35-7 win over BYU in 2018.

Welcome back, Dawg Pack. We’ve missed you.

As autumn quarter kicks off at the UW, the west end zone at Husky Stadium is expected to return to full capacity. Here’s everything the Dawg Pack should know before

Now, the Dawg Pack — Washington basketball’s official student section — is a mobilized militia of purple shirts and UW propaganda. They come armed with 500 copies of intensely researched scouting reports — appropriately dubbed the “Dawg Pack Dirt” — that details the stats and social media activity of each Oregon State Beaver. They come with posters and bright yellow wigs and faded Markelle Fultz jerseys. They come with cardboard heads of Noah Dickerson, The Rock and Dwight Schrute. They come in waves, eventually forming a line that wraps around the building.

Washington is on the verge of its first undefeated home campaign since the 2004-05 season, and a revitalized student section has played a large role in that success. This is life inside the Dawg Pack.
Jess Quinn is here at 3.

“I don’t know,” Quinn says with a shrug, wearing a purple sweatshirt and a white hat, when asked why the wait is worth it. “It’s just a way to show our dedication.”
And if Washington tops the Ducks for the second time this season, the Huskies will also secure their first undefeated home slate since 2004-05.
On Friday, they’ll come with tents, camping at 8 p.m. outside the arena prior to the Senior Day game against Oregon the following night. (The forecast, by the way, calls for a cozy high of 45 degrees.)
The sophomore fisheries and aquatic sciences major left her last class of the day and came right to the arena, to stand in the snow outside a big brick building for nearly three hours with her friends. They’ll stand here, waiting, laughing, freezing. They’ll watch the players arrive. Eventually, senior guard Matisse Thybulle will personally deliver a tower of Papa John’s pizzas. More standing. More waiting. More snow. More rain.
That dedication is a relatively new development. Sophomore Hunter Fitzgerald recalls games not so long ago when there’d be five people in line. But as the Huskies started to win, the line started to grow.

The game starts at 7 p.m. The gates open at 5:45.

Washington is on the verge of its first undefeated home campaign since the 2004-05 season, and a revitalized student section has played a large role in that success. This is…