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uva seed

Uva seed

“Anytime that anything happens for people that I care about, then I’m going to cry about it,” Byrd said, as quoted by the Nashville Tennessean. “I can’t control it or I would. I’m just happy for these guys, happy for the school, for the people that support us and care about us.”

Kentucky, LSU, Tennessee, Auburn, Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Florida are representing the SEC, which missed having eight teams for the second year in a row when Alabama was one of the first four out.
The bracket, as always, included a few surprises and a few debatable decisions from the selection committee, which has been holed up at a Manhattan hotel this week, crunching the numbers.

This year’s bracket marks the second time that three teams from one conference are No. 1 seeds, joining the Big East in 2009. That year, the only other top seed, North Carolina, won the tournament.
Muir said teams such as Belmont (2-2 against Quadrant 1 teams) that did well in limited opportunities against Quadrant 1 teams were favored over teams such as NC State (3-9 vs. Quadrant 1), which did not make the most of its opportunities.
Based on this methodology, a team’s NET ranking when compared to other candidates appeared to matter less than the results against teams in NET ranking quadrants. At 32, NC State had the highest NET ranking among teams left out, followed by Clemson (35). Among the last four teams, Belmont’s NET ranking was 47, Temple 56, Arizona State 63 and St. John’s 73.
Earning the top seed is no guarantee of success for Zion Williamson & Co. Since overall seeds began in 2004, only three went on to win the national title: Florida in 2007, Kentucky in 2012 and Louisville in 2013 (which was later vacated).
“They earned their right to be there,” said Stanford athletic director Bernard Muir, the chair of the selection committee, Sunday on CBS.

Belmont is the first team from the Ohio Valley Conference to earn an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament since Middle Tennessee did so in 1987. The Bruins will take on Temple, with the winner to face Maryland in the East region.

Virginia, Duke, North Carolina and Gonzaga have earned the No. 1 seeds for the 2019 NCAA tournament.

Uva seed

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