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type of weed joints

9. Dutch Tulip
It’s good to know what exactly you’re looking at when deciding on a purchase. We’ve covered Sun Rocks and Moon Rocks, but have you heard of Moon Rockets.
A rainbow blunt can be almost any size and can even be rolled with a tobacco paper. The main difference between a typical joint and this one is the number of strains that are used in its making. A rainbow joint should contain seven different marijuana strains per roll, one to represent each color in the rainbow.
A rose blunt isn’t much different than any blunt or joint you might roll. The difference is that it is rolled using rose petals instead of rolling papers. .
If you aren’t sure where to begin when choosing strains for your rainbow blunt than check out our handy list of strain group ideas for a bit of inspiration.
5. Twax joint
A spliff is a regular cannabis roll that is filled with a combination of tobacco and dried herbs. Sometimes a regular paper is used while others might prefer a tobacco leaf paper, but either way, it is still a spliff.
1. Joint
A blunt is usually rolled using a cigar casing that’s been emptied and filled with dry herbs, but sometimes a real tobacco leaf paper is utilized instead.
A joint is the most basic cannabis roll, which consists of one paper that is filled and rolled into a straight tube shape.