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tropicana cookies f2

Tropicana cookies f2

Its leaves are broad and lush dark green, and its growth is vigorous, typical of an Indica/Sativa hybrid. It has a well branched structure, with a dominant main cola and plenty of strong lateral branches, responding well to pruning and training techniques and highly suitable for growing in SCROG, SOG etc.

In flowering is when you can really appreciate the quality of Tropicanna Cookies, with plants full of buds covered in copious amounts of resin, making it a great candidate for carrying out resin extractions of all kinds.
Its smell and flavor is pungently sweet, with a Tangie base, giving acidic and citrus touches that in turn are mixed with creamy nuances of Girl Scout Cookies, a delight for lovers of citrus orange flavour with a creamy background.

Tropicanna Cookies is ready for harvest after 60 to 70 days flowering, with a medium to high yield of between 400 and 500 grams per m2 in a conventional grow. In the case of using techniques such as SOG or SCROG, it is very feasible to increase yields considerably.
Outdoors it’s a great choice if we want to grow large, productive and tasty plants with a quality of flowers that’s as high as the harvest is heavy, delivering truly spectacular results given the correct growing conditions.
The flowers are dense, popcorn-type nugs with huge calyxes and a huge amount of resin coating all its flowers. It should be noted that there are two main phenotypes, easily identifiable by their colour, one purple and one green, both of great quality but visually the purple pheno really stands out, with massive bag appeal.
Tropicanna Cookies from US seed bank Oni Seeds is a high quality regular cannabis plant which is an F2 hybrid of two champion varieties, Girl Scout Cookies (Forum Cut) and Tangie, which makes for an awesome tangy citrus flavour, with touches of cookies accompanied by a potent and euphoric high.
Harry Palms, one of the owners and breeders of Oni Seeds, personally selected this strain after a laborious selection process where only the best results of each test were chosen, thus ensuring high quality seeds in all their offspring.

Tropicanna Cookies is not a complicated plant to grow, it adapts well to both indoor and outdoor cultivation, and will perform well in soil, coco, aeroponic and hydroponic growing systems.

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