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triangle adult superstore

I love that you asked this question. I have worked right across the street from that place for years and there are ALWAYS cars in the parking lot, even at 9:00 a.m. It’s fascinating.

Back when I worked for Priscilla McCalls in Raleigh, I checked out (went to and/or googled) every other similar store, just out of curiosity (boyfriend and I were bored). There are a couple websites that have forums where ‘regular patrons’ describe their experiences/give reviews (in a very ‘this is what you should expect’ kinda way). Here is one I found that mentions Triangle.
If you’re looking for a less creepy adult store, go to Adam and Eve or Priscilla’s.

Yes. It was hilariously disgusting and then it was just scary. I literally sprinted to my car. Apparently some people are not there for humor’s sake.
Has anyone ever been in this place? Its always busy, and I can probably guess what happens in there, but I want to hear a first hand account from somebody
I work around there too. I might have to go in there the day I quit. See what’s up for myself
I’ve been there before. The front of the store is just a toy shop/adult videos and magazines. I went in there looking for gag gifts. They do have a back room area and I don’t want to know what goes on back there, I do know that the parking lot had tons of cars and there was only one other person in the front area.
What did I just read.. I thought this kind of stuff died out in the ’80s.

LOL I drive by this place all t he time. the damn street out front if full too. I like to wave at the people.

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