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tree of life seeds

Tree of life seeds

Hemp crops need to be monitored to ensure they have the approved legal level of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the active chemical compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant that can have psychoactive effects. Farmers must prepare samples of the crop to be tested. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, THC levels should not be above .3%.

Since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the growing of industrial hemp in the United States, hemp farmers, many of whom were drawn to the crop with tales of large payouts, have been continuously figuring out the correct methods for planting, growing, and harvesting their crops. It is a learning process that involves discovering what works for crop growth and what is detrimental. Farmers must pay attention to issues that arise during the growing of hemp crops to prevent them from occurring again in future seasons. Here are some major challenges to hemp farming, as well as three tips to have a successful crop year.
Second, secure your genetics. Farmers need to start early to ensure their seeds or clones, and since they can be expensive, it is key to pick the best ones. This means working with dealers licensed through the state agricultural department. “At Tree of Life Seeds, we work with state agriculture departments across the country to get proper licensing to sell genetics. This is an extra hoop we jump through to ensure that our farmers have access to the best material,” Madar commented.

Weather conditions, such as influxes of rain, wind, hail, or frost, can either prevent crops from being planted on time or damage them while they are growing. Industrial hemp does need heat and adequate moisture while growing, but too much of a good thing has the potential to be destructive. In July of this year, hemp farmers in Plevna, Kansas, experienced heavy storms and an increase in rain that prevented them from planting and ruined existing crops, resulting in major losses.
Other growing issues include using the wrong nutrients and having poor quality soil. Crops also need to be weeded regularly. It is a labor-intensive job to keep weeds away from crops, but it is important for healthy growth. Moreover, since hemp is an accumulator plant, farmers should not use pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides because these are absorbed by the plant and passed on to consumers. At this time, there are no pesticides approved for use on hemp crops.
Additionally, harvesting crops before they are adequately ready and have reached an ideal level of cannabidiol can drive down their value.
Little Rock, AR, Nov. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — When farming hemp, it is important to start the planning process for the next season while the current crop is still growing. This ensures the hemp crop will be successfully planted and harvested when the time arrives. At this time of the year, farmers are harvesting hemp crops that were planted in May and June, and it will not be long before the cycle begins again in 2020.
Purchasing the right hemp seeds is imperative. The type of seed used for an industrial hemp crop depends on the by-product being produced. Industrial hemp can be broken down into three types of crops: fiber producing, seed-producing and CBD production.

Weather conditions ultimately depend on the state where crops are grown; therefore, farmers face different weather issues subject to location and should adjust their growing process accordingly. Too much humidity can be just as bad as too much rain or heat. High humidity can cause bud rot, which is devastating to crops before harvest.

The challenges to growing hemp in 2020 and how to solve them

Tree of life seeds

According to Arkansas Spine and Pain’s Dr. Amir Qureshi, a leader in pain management and rehabilitation, “Our patient’s have made multiple positive comments and a very high percentage of our users continue to make solid improvements with pain control, pain management, less problems associated with inflammation, more energy, and improvements with overall annoying chronic pain. We have noticed that the CBD oils continue to help patients manage their pain symptoms – on a natural level – without side effects.”

The market is forecasted to be worth around $22 billion by 2022. Currently, there are no FDA regulations that exist to protect customers from companies attempting to capitalize on a trending market through low-quality products and false advertising. Therefore, until regulations are released, customers need to conduct their own research on which CBD products, including topicals, are the best to buy.
At Tree of Life Seeds, they are committed to creating high-quality CBD products. Their cream and balm topicals contain Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR) CBD oil and natural extracts such as essential oils. The Tree of Life Seeds CBD formula is special because it is nano-emulsified, allowing the CBD to penetrate muscles and joints. Wintergreen extract and eucalyptus is added to help soothe the skin and muscles. All topicals are cruelty-free and contain no parabens, mineral oil, dyes, or fragrances. Their 2 oz. balms and 4 oz. CBD Pain Cream each contain 500 mg of CBD per container and are available in smaller sizes. Qureshi went on to say, “Arkansas Spine and Pain fully supports all of our CBD products that are manufactured by Tree of Life Seeds here in Arkansas.”

The growing CBD market means there are countless products to sort through in stores and online. Typically, you can find products advertised as containing CBD in grocery/drug stores, health stores, vape shops, retail stores, and online retailers. A report released in July 2019 by the Brightfield Group, a top CBD and Cannabis research firm, showed that a rather big growth in the CBD market came from mass retail stores like CVS and Kroger, who have started to sell products marketed as CBD. The group predicted 57% of CBD market sales in 2019 would be from these mass retail stores.

  • Learn more about the company selling the products

The problem with an influx of products is that you don’t always know the true quality of the product you buy. People who are interested in trying CBD might spot a product containing CBD in their local grocery store and purchase it without doing research on the company selling the product first. Companies looking to make fast money can produce a low-quality product and then enhance its appeal through marketing. Low-quality CBD products may not have the properties it advertises, or it may contact harmful ingredients. Products on the market might contain high levels of THC, a weak Cannabinoid profile, or synthetic ingredients/chemicals.
Do they grow their own hemp, or do they purchase the extracts from wholesale suppliers? If they do grow their own hemp, do they discuss how they cultivate it, and where it’s grown? Look for companies that either grow their own hemp for CBD production or buy from accredited sellers and disclose their standards for cultivating hemp. Some of the best companies to buy from are ones that cultivate and manufacture their own hemp. This gives them more control over the whole process of making CBD oil for products.
Always research the company to find a Certificate of Analysis. A good company should have their products tested with an impartial, accredited third-party laboratory. Each batch of products should be lab tested. Look for reports that are recent; reports older than 4-6 months might mean the company is using its best lab results to represent multiple batches of products in an attempt to hide inferior results from newer batches. A typical CoA will report THC levels, Cannabinoid profile/potency, and the detected amounts of heavy metals, pesticides, terpenes, and microbial impurities. You should be able to find a CoA on a company’s website. If not, reach out to the company directly to request a copy. Check to see if the CoA marks the product as safe.

So, how can you differentiate between CBD topicals that are low quality versus high quality? We have compiled a list of 4 important areas to look at when you are thinking of purchasing CBD topicals for muscle pain and skin conditions.

How to pick the best CBD balms, salves, and creams for your needs.