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transplanting cannabis before flowering

Transplanting cannabis before flowering

The mantra here is ” Transplant shock is bad. The less root damage the better.”

With fingers placed either side of the stalk, palm flat on the surface of the grow medium, turn the pot completely upside down and make sure you have it balanced well.
Lift pot away to reveal the root ball. Timed to perfection a well-formed root mass will hold all the medium in place in the shape of the pot and not sag or break and fall apart. The roots will be bright white and not have feathered too much or have knotted at the bottom. If the roots are slightly yellowed and the root mass is very dense then you are a bit late but richer in experience. If the grow medium slumps away exposing seeker roots to the air then you are too early, but again, richer for the experience. In this instance delay your potting on for a few days so the rest of your weed crop can develop more roots and avoid being traumatized.

Re-potting (root trimming): transplanting the plant back into a pot of the same size with a fresh growing medium.
Pot on: transplanting to a larger pot from a smaller pot.
If you are growing autos put your sprout straight into the finishing pot and carefully increase water levels. Days are precious with autos. Four days recovering from unintentional root damage can be 6% of the grow time. That’s 6% less dry yield at the end of the cycle.
Your cannabis clones have taken or your seeds are thriving and have a healthy white root ball. You can see roots emerging from your rock wool starter blocks or jiffy pots. They may be starting to snake their way out of the bottom of your cloning trays or are in plain sight in your quick rooting or atomizing box. If the roots have already started to feather then be swift and gentle, you are running late. The feathering is very delicate and will break off easily. You want glossy white seeker roots. These roots are quite strong and they will easily penetrate the new medium before divaricating on their search for moisture and nutrients. At this point potting on is as simple as filling your chosen pot with growing medium. Make a hole with your finger in the centre and plant your seedling or clone. Back fill gently and water into place.
Gently squeeze the pot with both hands. Apply even pressure to each point of the compass.

Fill your target pot close to full with moistened medium. Make a divot for the transplant to stand up in while you gently back fill around.

Growing ganga is an art form personalized by each grower. Here, we give you some helpful information about transplanting or potting on.